Bad Santas wanted 5-finger discount in Rogers

RogPoliceBadgeStore manager stops possible mother/daughter red-handed in CVS theft

Some people wait to receive Christmas gifts, others just try to take them any way they can.

Rogers Police are reporting that two, and possibly three, female suspects attempted a theft Sunday, Dec. 22, at the CVS store but were stopped red-handed by the manager.

Police said the females were loading up a black garbage bag and business shopping cart with toys, wrapping paper and Christmas type supplies.

One of the females (18 to 25 years old) was seen and heard setting off the anti-theft sensors while the other second known suspect (possible mother 30 to 40 years old) was seen acting suspiciously as she was looking at the employees over the top of the aisles.

The full garbage bag was grabbed by the manager of the store, which caused the two females with a potential third suspect to all leave around the same time exiting the store through the front doors with two of them leaving out to the east off of camera, and the other leaving out and to the west. They were suspected to have entered a vehicle and left just prior to officers’ arrival. No sensors were set off on their departure.

No known items taken, due to the sensors and the employees decision to grab the bag.

Video surveillance review showed at least one good close-up still photo of the 18-25 year old female that was recommended to be printed and given to the Rogers Police Department for potential photo identification through Law Enforcement email/Crime alert methods.

So if Santa came Christmas Day, the bad elves might just get their next visit from the police.