Greenfield Council appoints planning commissioners, current chair not among them

The Greenfield City Council, at its Dec. 17 meeting, appointed two commissioners to three-year terms on the Greenfield Planning Commission.

In a work session preceding the meeting, three candidates were interviewed for two seats. Two of the candidates, Jack Dukes and Michael Hoekstra, are already serving on the commission, their terms running through the end of 2014. Dukes currently serves as the commission’s chair, Hoekstra as its vice chair. Former longtime City Councilor Loren Harff was the third candidate.

Councilor Chuck Alcon made a motion to appoint Harff and Hoekstra to the seats; Councilor Mark Erickson seconded. There was little discussion regarding the proposed action. Councilor Mark Holten said he felt all three candidates were well-qualified, but he had some concern about making a change to the commission’s top position.

Both Greenfield Mayor Brad Johnson and Councilor Tom Cook echoed Holten’s observation of the candidates’ qualifications before the vote was called.

The council unanimously supported Harff and Hoekstra for the two open seats.

Planning Commission appointments are for three years and are staggered to keep turnover, and the learning curb, minimal.



Alcon filled the council in on some equipment improvements the city’s Publics Works Department is asking for.

A portable generator is something, Alcon relayed, that would be of benefit to city staff when working out in the field. The city also, Alcon added, needs a pressure washer so that staff can clean equipment. Alcon told the council that staff is currently borrowing a pressure washer from a private party.

Direction to have department staff prepare a proposal of specific equipment and costs was given to the council. It will entertain a formal proposal in January.



Johnson brought the city’s snow plowing policy, as well as the policies of surrounding communities, to the council. The city of Greenfield’s current policy is to plow new snowfalls of 2 inches on paved roads, and 4 inches of snowfall on gravel roads. This is in line with the policies of surrounding cities.

Discussion ensued, in which it was determined that the standing policy was adequate, but that additional plowing could be done at city’s discretion to improve icy surfaces and build up conditions.

The next regular meeting of the Greenfield City Council is at 7 p.m. Tuesday,Dec. 8, at 6390 Town Hall Drive.