CPHS students recognized for community service contributions

Three awarded the Jefferson Award 


Champlin Park High School is proud to present our first award winners senior, Kara Nelson, junior, Amber Westlund and freshman, Brittany Ferguson.

Champlin Park High School students are known for having big hearts and giving back to the community in many ways. Sports teams and activity groups do service projects throughout the year and many individual students give back to their community as well. Champlin Park staff recognize this and plan to continue to recognize students who do make a difference.

While the Jefferson award has been around since 1972, we have recently started the program at Champlin Park to recognize a deserving student on a monthly basis.

The Jefferson Awards is America’s highest honor for public service, the “Nobel Prize for public service.” It is one of the largest multipliers of volunteerism in the country with youth in communities and in workplaces. The Jefferson Awards has recognized American change-makers and more than 50,000 unsung heroes in grass-roots communities.

Jefferson Award recipients at Champlin Park receive a Jefferson Award certificate, a pin and a certificate for four tickets to a Swarm game. They are announced in the online Rebel Reader newsletter, the daily Rebel Report and are highlighted on the Jefferson Award bulletin board at school.

The goals of the Jefferson Award are to recognize and showcase a student who has made a significant contribution to their community and to encourage other students to make a difference in their community through service.

Students can be nominated for the CPHS Jefferson Award by completing a nomination form. Nominations are accepted at any time and one student is selected at the end of each month. Nomination forms are available on the Parent Information page of the Champlin Park website at www.anoka.k12.mn.us/cphs or contact Jane Hansen, Youth Service Coordinator at [email protected]

CPHS is proud to present our first award winners recognized in Sept-Nov: Kara Nelson (gr 12), Brittany Ferguson (gr 9) and Amber Westlund (gr 11).