Crow River Food Co-op votes to dissolve

The Crow River Food Co-op voted to dissolve at its Oct. 14 meeting. After working within the Rockford community for over two years, there was not enough support.

We received a grant from the Initiative Foundation in Little Falls to have a financial pro forma completed by Bill Gessner of CDS, which was not good news. The financial forecast for the food co-op with a store of 10,000 square feet showed it was not feasible. Therefore, our group decided that the time was just not right for starting a food co-op in this area.

Checks were mailed out to the 152 members that were 91 percent of their financial contribution. The board wants to thank all of our members, the city of Rockford HRA, city of Rockford staff, local volunteers and area businesses for providing free food samples for our open houses, providing free poster boards, providing valuable advice and taking time to speak at our open houses. Michelle Krolczyk, one of the founders of the Harvest Moon Co-op, met with us a few times and also attended our open house to speak about the process of making a food co-op a reality. Michelle was so willing to share her experiences about the work involved in starting a food co-op, we wanted to recognize and thank her for here assistance. One of the principles of food cooperatives is to help other co-ops, and we found that to be very true.  We want to wish Harvest Moon Co-op continued success in their Long Lake store.

The team members that need to be recognized for hours of volunteering, attending meetings, planning events, marketing and much more are Derrick Monroe, Ann Monroe, Louise and Rich Van Bergen, Doug White, Sarah Dahl, Lori Young, Sonja Bogart, Sandy Brown, Betty Matheson, Cheryl Schmidt, Elise Lallier, Steve Czech, Evelyn and Mark Workcuff, and Kelly Grimm.

Nancy Carswell, secretary, treasurer