MG Jr High

School District 279
(Official Publication)
Osseo Area Schools is proposing an $8,500,000 addition to the Maple Grove Junior High School that will house three tournament-size basketball courts and supportive services. The addition will be funded by the City of Maple Grove (80%) and the Osseo- Maple Grove Basketball Association (20%). Upon project completion, Osseo Area Schools will own and operate the gymnasium addition. The district estimates the total operating costs for the new gym space will be approximately $4.50 per square foot or $197,000 annually.
In addition to the gymnasium addition, the district is proposing $1,588,000 in HVAC upgrades at Maple Grove Junior High School. The upgrades include the removal of a DX cooling system and replacement with a chilled water cooling system. These projects qualify for funding under the alternative facilities program (M.S. 123B.59, subd. 1). The district will make a pay-as-you-go alternative facilities levy of $794,000 on the Payable 2014 and Payable 2015 levy cycles to fund the HVAC project. These project components are subject to alternative facilities program approval.
The district shall observe the requirement in M.S. 123B.59 Subd. 8 to establish and maintain a separate account for this program in accordance with UFARS for this program; the district must meet requirement in M.S. 123B.59 Subd. 3 to publish notice of intended projects.
School board approval is required to proceed with the projects. The school board believes that the proposed projects are in the best interest of the district.
Based upon the departments analysis of the school districts required documentation and other pertinent information from sources of the Minnesota Department of Education, the Commissioner of Education provides a positive review and comment.
Persons desiring additional information regarding this proposal should contact the school district superintendents office.
/s/ Dr. Brenda Casselius
December 10, 2013

12/19/13, MG Jr High Upgrades

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