Delano auditorium prepared producer for his career

To the Editor:

I have many great memories of growing up in Delano and attending Delano High School. Many of those memories center on the Delano Middle School auditorium, where much of my time was spent in the auditorium participating in school plays, musicals and one-acts. From “Oliver!” to “The Wizard of Oz” and the many performances in between, the Delano auditorium played an integral part in laying the groundwork for my career today as a producer/director in video production. Some of my fondest memories and dear friendships were born in that theater, and I owe a tremendous thanks for the opportunities which the Delano Theater program provided.

When I recently visited the auditorium, I realized that time had taken its toll on this once state-of-the art auditorium. This home-away-from-home has experienced some deterioration due to its age and its use by hundreds of students and by audiences too numerous to count.

A committee, called the “The Second Act,” has formed to breathe new life into the auditorium and provide current students the same advantages I had over 30 years ago. The goal of this group of citizens, school personnel, parents and alumni is to replace the outdated light and sound systems, install new seats and carpet, and finish the stage floor. To achieve these goals, the support of the entire Delano School District is needed.

We can make our mark on the quality of education future Delano students will receive. To join in the effort to restore the auditorium, contact Steve Heil, DHS principal, at 763-973-3365. You can buy an auditorium seat with your name on it or contribute financially in any way you choose. Delano Public Schools have a reputation for being among the top performing schools in the state. I hope you will help continue this record of excellence for our students.

Brian Czock

1988 Delano High School graduate