School District 885
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St. Michael Albertville
Independent School District 885
School Board Minutes
November 18, 2013
The St. Michael-Albertville School Board held a Regular Meeting in the MIDDLE SCHOOL WEST AUDITORIUM at 7:00PM.
Board Members
Present: D. Birk, D. Scherber, G. Weber, J. Holland, C. Steffens, J. Lindquist
Absent: None
J. Behle, B. Bakeberg, B. Driver, J. Herfel, L.Jennissen
1. Call to Order
2. Approval of Agenda Items
Weber/Holland. Motion to approve the agenda as presented. Motion carried.
3. Correction and Approval of Previous Minutes
A. Regular Meeting on Monday, November 4, 2013
Holland/Lindquist. Motion to approve the Regular Meeting Minutes of Monday, November 4, 2013 as presented. Motion carried.
4. Visitors
A. Persons not on the agenda wishing to address the school board, 5 minutes per individual.
Teachers Megan Huggins, Bob Zahler, Jody Kelly and Gavin Duncanson; and community members, Charlie Bakker, Hogan Domagala, Dihann Rothman and Hillary Gonsior each shared personal statements about their experience in the school district. Kevin Crocker stated that the teachers and community members in attendance at the board meeting were there to show unity and support regarding a fair and equitable outcome of the bargaining agreement.
Teachers noted the successes students achieve academically and in the arts and athletics programs. Students benefit from committed and hardworking teachers who make possible the excellence achieved by the district. The parents and student noted the commitment of teachers, not only helping students learn but guiding them through personal and family needs. Students make connections with good teachers and make a difference in their lives. Speakers noted that teachers are as important of an investment as are facilities and technology.
Speakers requested that the School Board and Superintendent come to an agreement with the certified bargaining team on a fair and equitable 2013-15 contract. A contract settlement must value teachers and attract and retain quality teachers. It was noted that St. Michael-Albertville has attracted teachers from other districts who invested in the teacher, only to have him/her leave for STMA. They do not want to see teachers leave the district.
On behalf of the Board, Board Chair Birk thanked the teachers and community members for their attendance and statements. Birk also thanked the entire STMA Ed Bargaining team for their respectful approach to the process. He stated that the district has excelled in academic, arts and athletics in large part to the work of the teachers and greatly appreciate their commitment to teaching and learning. Birk noted changes to the bargaining process this year that better prepared both team for bargaining sessions and improved communication. The process was started earlier this year. He noted that the fact the teams were entering mediation is not an indication of the failure of the process but is an option to facilitate both sides coming to an agreement. He reviewed the inequities in the state funding law and the increased advocacy of the School Board to address the disparity in funding. STMA is ranked 327 out of 336 school districts in per pupil funding. He assured the audience that the School Board is committed to a fair and equitable settlement.
Superintendent Behle recognized the dedication and excellent education provided by the certified staff. He saw evidence of it when he visited classrooms. He stated that the School Board priority is to fairly and equitably compensate staff and asks him to determine the maximum amount of dollars available for collective bargaining. He is in a unique position in working closely with both teachers and the School Board to understand the interests of both groups. Superintendent Behle added that he and the Board take the teachers and community presence very seriously and will continue to work toward a fair and equitable settlement.
5. Reports
6. Old Business
7. New Business
A. Review Legislative Platform
Dr. Behle presented an initial legislative platform for the St. Michael-Albertville School District. Behle stated that the St. Michael-Albertville legislative platform seeks to address inadequate and inequitable school funding. The platform states that with the improving economy, the 2014 Legislative Session can continue to make progress in its investment in Minnesotas K-12 public education system by: increasing the basic formula to restore school funding lost to inflation since 2003 and extend the location equity index awarded to metro area school districts to school districts with boundaries adjacent to the metro area; continuing to make voter-approved school levies more affordable in low property wealth districts by increasing equalization aid; and providing alternative facility revenue or a similar funding mechanism to create adequate and equitable funding for school facilities and maintenance and a healthy, safe and secure learning environment for students in all Minnesota school districts. The platform includes two policy issues: carefully crafting anti-bullying legislation that utilizes policies, procedures, and programs that are not over burdensome and can be implemented by all school districts and ensuring that PEIP continues to be optional for school districts.
Dr. Behle told the board refinement would continue on the legislative platform and would be presented for final board approval at a subsequent meeting.
B. Action on Choir Performance at Sunday Twins Game, May 4, 2014
Steffens/Holland. Motion to approve Choir Performance at Sunday Twins Game, May 4, 2014. Motion carried.
8. Consent Agenda
Dr. Behle recognized Cheryl Hathaways 35 years of service to the district. Board Member Weber requested correction on Item 8.D.6.
Weber/Holland. Motion to approve Consent Agenda as amended for Item 8.D.6.. Motion carried.
A. Treasurers Report
Payroll $1,320,680.99
Fund (01) $1,542,324.33
Food Service (02) $115,984.57
Service (04) $37,337.40
Agency Fund (09) $1,480.09
Total $3,017,807.38
B. Trip Requests
1. Leuthner, Molly (HS) — Speech Team, trip to National Forensic League Tournament, St. Cloud, Minnesota, 3/6/2014 to 3/8/2014
C. Resignations, Retirements, Terminations, Layoffs
1. Anderson, Jillian (HS) — Junior Varsity/Varsity Volleyball Coach, resignation, effective 11/4/2013
2. Gigstead, Tara (ME) — Special Education Paraprofessional, resignation, effective 12/20/2013
3. Hathaway, Cheryl (AP/FE) — Kindergarten and Elementary Music, retirement, effective 5/30/2014
4. Macari-Coons, Melissa (Dons Bus) — Transportation Paraprofessional, resignation, effective 11/7/2013
5. Wahl, Debra (CE) — Kids Play Paraprofessional, resignation, effective 11/20/2013
D. Employment
1. Bykowski, Timothy (ME) — 6th Grade Art Teacher Long Term Substitute, replacing Ann Henkes-Anderson, effective 11/4/2013 to 11/30/2013
2. Graham, Scott (FE/SE/AP) — Social Worker, change in FTE, .67 FTE at FE, .16 FTE at SE, and .17 FTE at AP, effective 11/19/2013
3. Erickson, Sandra (CE) — ECFE Paraprofessional, increase in hours from 14.5 hours per week and 4 days per week to 15.5 hours per week and 4 days per week
4. Horan, Timothy (ME) — Assistant Middle School Boys Basketball Coach, new position, effective 11/11/2013
5. Joriman, Josh (HS) — Assistant Varsity Wrestling Coach, new position, Booster Club paid, effective 11/18/2013
6. Lindman, Cherie (CE) — Kids Play Paraprofessional, increase in hours from 6.25 hours per day and 5 days per week to 6.25 hours per day 6.5 hours per day and 5 days per week, effective 11/18/203
7. Mallin, Lila (CE) — ECFE Paraprofessional, increase in hours from 14.75 hours per week and 4 days per week to 17.25 hours per week, effective 9/16/2013
8. Rodriguez, Tomas (HS) — Head Boys Soccer Coach, replacing Darek Dewey, effective 8/11/2013
9. Rothstein, Theo (HS) — 9th Grade Boys Basketball Coach, replacing Nick Steve, Booster Club paid, effective 11/11/2013
10. Smeija, Boyd (HS) — Assistant varsity Gymnastics Coach, replacing Jim Gallagher, effective 11/11/2013
11. Swanson, Shelley (CE) — ECFE Paraprofessional, decrease in hours from 16 hours per week to 13.5 hours per week, effective 9/16/2013
12. Thomas, Kathy (BW/SE) — Social Worker, change in FTE to .583 FTE BW and .417 FTE SE, effective 11/19/2013
13. Tracy, Karen (AP) — Kindergarten Teacher Long Term Substitute, replacing Susan Hermanson, effective 12/4/2013 to 12/20/2013
E. Leave of Absence
1. Fraley, MaryRisa (ME) — 8th Grade Language Arts Teacher, Family Medical Leave Act, on or before 4/8/2014 to 5/30/2014
2. Myran, Julie (FE) — 1st Grade Teacher, Family Medical Leave Act, on or before 4/30/2014 to 5/30/2014
9. Donations
Donations recently made to the schools in the district were recognized by the board. A list of donations is available in the district office.
10. Information Items
A. MSBA 93rd Annual Leadership Conference, January 16-17, 2014
11. Correspondence
12. Future Meeting Dates
Monday, December 2, 2013 — Regular Meeting (Truth in Taxation)
Monday, December 16, 2013 — Regular Meeting
Monday, January 6, 2014 — Regular Meeting (Re-organizational Meeting) Tuesday, January 21, 2014 — Regular Meeting
13. Adjourn
Scherber/Steffens. Motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:00 p.m. Motion carried.

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