Hennepin County Sheriff’s report — Greenfield

PoliceLicensePlateThe following public safety summary information from the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Unit is provided to residents as a public service. These highlights from Nov. 25 through Dec. 1, 2013, do not reflect all incidents handled or investigated by the HCSO during this time period.

In addition to the law enforcement services it provides throughout the county, the HCSO provides primary patrol services for the communities of Hassan Township, Greenfield, Medicine Lake and Fort Snelling, as well as the Hennepin County portions of Hanover and Rockford.


On Nov. 26, deputies responded to an address along Kurt Street on a medical. A 60-year-old male was found unresponsive. Rockford Fire arrived and started CPR. The victim was determined deceased by paramedics. No other action was taken.

On Nov. 27, deputies responded to an address on Woodland Trail for a medical. A female was reported to be dehydrated. The deputy arrived and monitored the victim until paramedics arrived. The victim was transported to North Memorial Hospital by family members. No other action was needed.

On Nov. 28, deputies responded to the area of Hwy. 55 and Dogwood Street on a traffic complaint. The complainant reported a vehicle was driving all over the road. The deputy was able to locate the suspect vehicle and initiated a traffic stop. There was not indication of impairment, the deputy advised the driver of his driving conduct and released him. No other action was taken.

On Nov. 29, deputies responded to a business in the 7500 block of Hwy. 55 for a no pay report. An employee reported a silver Ford put $32.52 worth of gas into the vehicle and did not pay for it. The deputy was not able to locate any information regarding the registered owner. A Hennepin County Sheriff’s Detective will investigate this incident.


During the week of Nov. 25 – Dec. 1, 2013, Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office patrol deputies also issued or provided: three citations.