St. Michael asks Hanover to increase senior contribution

The Hanover City Council considered a request from St. Michael to increase Hanover’s contribution for the Crow River Senior Center.

The council also reviewed potential Capital Improvement Plan projects.



St. Michael Mayor Jerry Zachman asked the council to reconsider the amount Hanover contributes toward the shared Crow River Senior Center that is located in St. Michael.

Given the increased focus on senior needs in Hanover — such as for senior housing and the recently approved River Rider transportation program — the council agreed to consider increasing the contribution on a pro-capita ratio.

Mayor Chris Kauffman and councilors Wendy Pinor, John Vajda, Doug Hammerseng and Ken Warpula would like to get more information and follow up at the next council meeting.

Staff noted that Hanover’s contribution is a very small amount percentage wise for what Hanover seniors are contracted out for.

Staff would determine where an increase would come from in the budget, and Zachman said even if not this year to consider the request for next year’s budget cycle.

Staff will follow up on additional information regarding Hanover’s senior usage of the center.




In other matters, the council discussed the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) and management.

The city did a study earlier this past summer to figure out priorities and estimated costs to improve the city’s infrastructure.

“The main focus was what are the projects we want to take on for 2014 and for the future?” assistant administrator Annita Smythe later said. “How would we fund future years? We talked about the possibility of bonding or budgeting.”

The city has been studying a potential road pavement project at the Pheasant Run neighborhood, including polls of residents there.

“How we fund a project is going to ultimately dictate which projects we do first,” Smythe said.

The council is expected to continue discussion at its next meeting.

The council did reach consensus to move forward with a city hall bathroom upgrade project and to improve the Historic Crow River Bridge.

In other action, the council:

HEARD that staff is formatting the city’s fee schedule to make it easier to read and understand. The city is proposing some small fee increases for city hall rental fees. Most other fees, such as for utilities, were not increased. A city fee public hearing is scheduled for the next council meeting Tuesday, Dec. 3.

APPROVED a variance request for the River Inn, which wants to enclose an existing patio and make it part of inside seating.


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