Albertville approves extending utility payment for prospective business

The Albertville City Council voted 5-1 to approve a prospective business’ request to extend utility cost payment.

The council also took action regarding the 2014 Barthel Industrial Drive/54th Street intersection improvement project related to flooding.



The city about five years ago extended sewer and water to the industrial park located on County Rd. 37 west of County Rd. 19.

One prospective business looking to relocate to this area is Niemeyer Trailer of Maple Grove.

Any property owners at the site would not be required to pay trunk charges until they develop the property. The council was told that owner Tim Niemeyer requested the assessment be deferred for three years instead of paying at the time of development.

Staff said that would allow Niemeyer more funds for his business to start up.

Mayor Jillian Hendrickson supported the concept, saying it would bring in business and would be good for the local economy, but councilor John Vetsch was concerned about setting precedent. Vetsch also had concerns whether an extension would affect the city’s bond payment.

The council ultimately voted 4-1, Vetsch opposed, to extend the period for assessment payment. Niemeyer proposes to begin construction in April, with an opening date in August.



In other news, the council heard from staff regarding the two major public works projects planned for 2014, one of which is improvement to the Barthel Industrial Boulevard/54th Street intersection.

The council approved a proposal for the city engineering firm to do a preliminary and final design of the intersection.

“The 54th Street NE/Barthel Industrial Drive NE intersection routinely experiences flooding during heavy rain events,” city administrator Adam Nafstad noted in his memo to the council. “In 2008, the city studied the intersection’s drainage and later incorporated the project in the city’s 5-year Capital Improvement Plan for construction in 2014.”

Nafstad said the key issues are:

• The project is identified on the city’s Capital Improvement Plan for construction in 2014.

• Recent rain events have caused property damage to several residential homes.

• The intersection does not meet standard storm sewer design requirements for roads.

• Bolton and Menk, Inc. proposes to perform the engineering on an hourly basis for a not-to-exceed fee of $48,000.

• Staff is working towards a bid opening in late March/early April 2014.

He said the proposed project would be funded primarily through storm water funds.

“Engineer estimates will be prepared along with the plans to identify costs and budget impacts prior to approving the project,” Nafstad added.

The other public works project for 2014 was identified as working with St. Albert Catholic Church for the 57th Avenue sidewalk project.

In other action, the council:

HEARD from Rep. David FitzSimmons (R-Albertville) regarding I-94 being included in the state’s 10 Corridors of Commerce transportation projects for immediate funding. FitzSimmons noted the project expanding lanes from Rogers to St. Michael was one of hundreds of applications. He thanked the council for being supportive and commended area cities for coming together to reach this common goal.