2005 NISSAN & 2008

Public Notice
(Official Publication)
This is notice that Chase Towing and Transport, Inc. at 10939 89th Ave N, Maple Grove MN 55369 is in possession of the following vehicles:
2005 Nissan Maxima
VIN: 1N4BA41E35C837506
Towed From: 5309 Lakeside Ave N Crystal MN 55422
Date Towed: 2/6/2013
Plate: (MN) 735 AXN
2008 Honda CRV
VIN: 5J6RE48358L022515
Towed From: 8001 Jefferson Hwy Maple Grove MN 55369
Date Towed: 9/3/13
Plate: Unlicensed
These vehicles may be reclaimed under State Statute 168B.07. Failure to do so under sub.1, 1a or2 will be deemed a waiver of all right and interest in the vehicle contents or content to transfer title or disposal of the vehicle pursuant to Sec. 168.083.

12/5-12/19/13, 3OMT, 2005 Nissan & 2008 Honda, 63173

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