School District 885
(Official Publication)
Nov 4, 2013
The St. Michael-Albertville School Board held a Regular Meeting in the Board Room at 7:00PM.
Board Members
Present: D. Birk, D. Scherber, G. Weber, J. Holland, C. Steffens, J. Lindquist
Absent: None
S. Bichler, J. Claseman, A. Foucault, J. Kelly, A. Merfeld, J. Potthoff, S. Scherber
1. Call to Order
2. Approval of Agenda Items
Board Chair Birk requested the addition of Item 5.B. Report on Albertville Primary Visit.
Lindquist/Holland. Motion to approve the Agenda as amended. Motion carried.
3. Correction and Approval of Previous Minutes
A. Regular Meeting on Monday, October 21, 2013
Board Chair Birk requested correction of the date on the October 21, 2013 Minutes to reflect approval the
Joint Governance Meeting Minutes of September 30, 2013, not September 20, 2013.
Weber/Holland. Motion to approve the Regular Meeting Minutes of Monday, October 21, 2013 as presented. Motion carried.
4. Visitors
A. Senator Mary Kiffmeyer and Representative David FitzSimmons
The board welcomed Senator Mary Kiffmeyer and Representative David FitzSimmons. Senator Kiffmeyer told the board that she had been at the high school with the student government class and appreciated that opportunity. She thanked the board for inviting her and Representative FitzSimmons to the board meeting.
Superintendent Behle presented the 2013-2014 General Education Revenue Per Pupil bar chart which shows St. Michael-Albertville ranking 327 out of 336 school districts in revenue per pupil, with a state average of $9,037 per pupil compared to St. Michael-Albertvilles $6,882 per pupil revenue. Dr. Behle said that new funding legislation will not help the St. Michael-Albertville school district reduce the gap in school funding disparity. He said that STMA is very proud of their high achievement, but that the district will begin deficit spending next year and reiterated that the St. Michael-Albertville districts main source of income is from the basic formula.
Board Chair Birk, said the board continues to work to make the issue of education funding inequity more visible, however it is very difficult to share the complex message. He told Kiffmeyer and FitzSimmons that the St. Michael-Albertville School Board, in conjunction with the cities of Albertville and St. Michael, is working on an editorial for submission to the Star Tribune. Birk reiterated that the district is not asking for more money, but rather a rational allocation to equalize the current funding, stating that students in the STMA district should not be treated differently because of geographic location.
Birk told Kiffmeyer and FitzSimmons that in four to six years, based on current funding, the board will need to make some very difficult choices for our children. Birk recognized that it will take several legislative cycles to realize change, but asked Kiffmeyer and FitzSimmons to ensure some sense of urgency and press for reform. Birk stated that the changes made in the last legislative session helped close the gap between the top and bottom, but that more needs to be done to equalize funding. Behle further stated that a system with this much disparity removes competitiveness for attracting and maintaining teachers and students.
Chairperson Birk also asked Kiffmeyer and FitzSimmons to be mindful of the need for a second sheet of ice suggesting that if Kiffmeyer or FitzSimmons learns of an opportunity to fund the Mighty Ducks Program to please consider the need of the community.
Dr. Behle said that school Districts with 2,000 students or more outside the seven county Twin Cities can levy a Location Equity Index (LEI) for an additional $212, but that school districts within the seven county Twin Cities metro can levy $424. The long term effect will be a greater metro-rural gap in per pupil funding. Behle stated that this does not generate additional money for STMA because we dont have land within the seven county metro area. He told Kiffmeyer and FitzSimmons that if the LEI was brought back for revisions he suggested the definition be changed to include STMA with those districts receiving $424. FitzSimmons said that one way to be included would be to use the definition of the metro census area.
Kiffmeyer said she will continue to work to build opportunities for fairness for our students. Representative FitzSimmons said they were able to raise regional and statewide awareness of the funding inequality stating that he will continue to maintain visibility on the issue.
Dr. Behle thanked FitzSimmons and Kiffmeyer for their work and all theyve done towards full day kindergarten. He also stated that the ISD 885 taxpayers will benefit from equalization aid, which makes the referendum in districts like ours more affordable for our community members.
B. Persons not on the agenda wishing to address the school board, 5 minutes per individual.
5. Reports
A. Update on Trap Shooting Activity
Dr. Behle told the board that Scott Berning, STMA Clay Trapshooting Team coach, shared a proposed solution to keep students involved who did not make the spring trap shooting team. Berning stated that at this point, all seniors will be on the team. They will offer every participant who does not make the team, a spot in the summer program. The trap shooting league offers an abbreviated fall season in which teams are put in conferences, and vie for the conference championship. With the commitment of some coaches, they would offer the fall opportunity for the students who did not make the spring team provided the students commit to the sport by joining the summer program. As a result it is more likely that the students will make the spring team.
B. Report on Albertville Primary Visit — Birk
Board Chair Birk said he recently visited Albertville Primary and stated that he was very impressed with the school and level of control within the building. Birk further remarked on the level of commitment and engagement of the teachers and the use of the interactive curriculum, especially in reading. He said the building was very welcoming and he was glad he had the opportunity to see how a kindergarten day is spent.
6. Old Business
A. Update on Full Day Kindergarten Planning
Dr. Foucault gave a power point presentation update to the board on full day kindergarten. She stated the timeline includes a parent information session on November 11 at 7:00 p.m. at Albertville Primary, recommendations made to the board on December 2, and final approval of a plan by the school board in January 2014.
Dr. Foucault said the presentation included recommendation by a committee comprised of kindergarten teachers and support staff. Dr. Foucault shared survey results from current half day kindergarten parents, Bright Beginnings parents, parents of 2014-2014 kindergarten age-appropriate students, and Just For Kids parents stating that of those surveyed, approximately 15% indicated they would be interested in a half day option. Dr. Foucault told the board that student expectations have changed as a result of No Child Left Behind (NCLB), Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and Reading Well by Third Grade.
In addition, Dr. Foucault told the board that shed surveyed surrounding districts for their kindergarten plans and found that of the 17 districts surveyed, 12 will offer full day only, 4 will offer half day plus full day, and one was undecided. Dr. Foucault presented two kindergarten programming options to the board 1) full day only, or 2) full day with a half day option. Dr. Foucault told the board that if parents choose a half day option, those students would be combined within the full day classes, adding that those half day students would all be morning kindergarten students, with transportation provided in the morning and parent pick-up at 11:00 a.m.
Dr. Foucault told the board there was adequate space at Albertville Primary to house full day kindergarten stating that the curriculum department would relocate to Middle School East and ECSE would relocate to St. Michael Elementary. Dr. Foucault also reviewed the current administrative structure at Albertville Primary suggesting the board may want to consider hiring an assistant principal for the kindergarten program.
Dr. Behle said that as he and Dr. Foucault move forward and further review the budget, he wanted input from the board prior to presenting to parents on November 11.
Dr. Behle stated that at this time he was more inclined to recommend a full day only option with no half day option stating that STMA current data shows greater first grade readiness for those students who attended full day kindergarten. Additionally, first grade teachers shared that those students were better prepared for the basic organization of a first grade year. Kindergarten teachers who were part of the committee spoke and recommended a full day only option as well.
Through discussion, the board recognized the need to set a board policy which catered to the larger population. At this point, board consensus is to only offer a full day kindergarten option; to make a decision regarding transportation at a later date with more data and budget information; and to support hiring an assistant principal. The board will continue to review and discuss full day kindergarten based on the community information night, committee recommendations, and budget information.
B. Action on Youth Hockey Association Land Lease Agreement
Dr. Behle presented the revised Youth Hockey Association Land Lease Agreement to the board.
Steffens/Weber. Motion to approve the Youth Hockey Association Land Lease Agreement as presented. Motion carried.
C. Action on Activity Program and Funding Committee Outline
Dr. Behle presented a revised Activity Program and Funding Committee Outline to the board.
Lindquist/Holland. Motion to approve Activity Program and Funding Committee Outline as presented. Motion carried.
7. New Business
A. Appoint Board Member to Serve as Representative for Coordinator and Director Contracts
Scherber/Holland. Motion to Appoint Board Member Steffens to Serve as Representative for Coordinator and Director Contracts. Motion carried.
B. Action on Nominations for Director Election to the Resource Board of Directors
The governing board for Resource Training & Solutions is the Board of Directors. There are presently eight voting members and Resource Training is asking for nominations to fill the one vacancy for the 2014-2018 term. The board chose not to nominate a member at this time.
8. Consent Agenda
Holland/Lindquist. Motion to approve Consent Agenda as presented. Motion carried.
A. Treasurers Report
Payroll $1,594,762.59
Fund (01) $317,531.06
Food Service (02) $101,612.26
Service (04) $14,860.61
Agency Fund (09) $196.13
Total $2,028,962.65
B. Trip Requests
1. Anfenson, Tim (HS) — Junior Varsity/Varsity Boys Basketball trip to Moorhead, MN to participate in basketball game vs. Moorhead at MSUM, 12/14/2013 to 12/15/2013
2. Lefebvre, Dan (HS) — Wrestling trip to Rochester, MN to participate in Clash Wrestling Tournament, 1/2/2014 to 1/4/2014
3. Lefebvre, Dan (HS) — Wrestling trip to Rochester, MN to participate in Minnesota Christmas Wrestling Tournament, 12/20/2013 to 12/21/2013
C. Resignations, Retirements, Terminations, Layoffs
1. Hill, Silvia (CE) — Kids Play Paraprofessional, resignation, effective 11/1/2013
2. Kolles, Eugene (HS) — Night Custodian, resignation, effective 11/15/2013
3. Mallinger, Tony (HS) — Assistant Varsity Boys Soccer Coach, resignation, effective 10/21/2013
D. Employment
1. Clausen, Robert (HS) — Assistant Varsity Wrestling Coach, Volunteer Booster, effective 11/11/2013
2. Dewey, Darek (MW) — Middle School Girls Basketball Coach, replacing Jared Simpson, effective 1/2/2014
3. Grygelko, Joseph (HS) — Assistant Varsity Wrestling Coach, Volunteer Booster, effective 11/11/2013
4. Hanauska, Kimberly (MW) — Office Paraprofessional, replacing Becky Bjorkland, 5 days per week and 7 hours per day, effective 11/22/2013
5. Joriman, Josh (HS) — Assistant Varsity Wrestling Coach, Booster Club paid, effective 11/11/2013
6. Knutson, Rachel (HS) — Assistant Varsity Volleyball Coach, Booster Club paid, effective 10/31/2013
7. Mindrum, LeeAnn (ME/MW) — Registered Nurse for LLCC trip, approximately 4 hours per day for 11 days, effective 11/4/2013 to 11/22/2013
8. Peterson, Christopher (HS) — 9th Grade Assistant Volleyball Coach, Booster Club paid, effective 10/31/2013
9. Powell, Kelly (AP/SE) — Speech/Language Pathologist, adjustment in hours from .5 FTE SE and .5 FTE AP to .6 FTE SE and .4 FTE AP, effective 10/15/2013
10. Rathbun, Whitney (HS) — Assistant Varsity Volleyball Coach, replacing Eleena Iisakka, Booster Club paid, effective 10/31/2013
11. Schneider, Audrey (SE) — Special Education Paraprofessional, new position, 5 days per week band 6.5 hours per day, effective 11/11/2013
12. Schnell, Michelle (BW) — Destination Imagination Coach, replacing Summer Hertwig, effective 12/1/2013
13. Thorn, John (HS) — Assistant Varsity Wrestling Coach, Booster Club volunteer, effective 11/11/2013
14. Thomes, Judy (ME) — Special Education Teacher, BA Step 05, replacing Catherine Johnson, effective 10/25/2013
15. Thurner, DeAnn (ME/MW) — Registered Nurse for LLCC trip, approximately 4 hours per day for 11 days, effective 11/4/2013 to 11/22/2013
16. Van Krevelen, Alex (HS) — Assistant Varsity Wrestling Coach, Booster Club paid, effective 11/11/2013
17. Weise, Jennifer (SE) — 1st Grade Long Term Substitute, replacing Lisa Polinceusz on or about 3/31/2014 to 5/31/2014
E. Leave of Absence
1. Essler, Kinsey (HS) — Counselor, Maternity-Family Medical Leave Act, effective 2/24/2014 to 5/19/2014
2. Henkes-Anderson, Ann (ME) — Art Teacher, Medical-Employee-Family Medical Leave Act, effective 10/14/2013 to 11/30/2013
3. Hermanson, Susan (AP) — Kindergarten Teacher, Medical-Employee Medical Leave (FMLA), effective 12/4/2013 to 1/1/2014
4. Malinowski, Emily (FE) — 2nd Grade Teacher, Medical — Employee-Family Medical Leave Act, effective 10/28/2013 to approximately 12/20/2013
5. Zachman, Adam (HS) — Custodian, Medical – Employee-Family Medical Leave Act, 11/21/2013 to 12/9/2013 returning with restrictions, partial leave continued through 1/2/2014
9. Donations
Donations recently made to the schools in the district were recognized by the board. A list of donations is available in the district office.
A. Target Corporation donated $45.00 to Middle School East for student needs.
B. Target Corporation donated $94.00 to Albertville Primary for classroom needs.
C. Target Corporation donated $90.00 to Middle School West for student needs.
D. Wells Fargo Foundation donated $203.28 to Fieldstone Elementary for student needs.
E. Wells Fargo Foundation donated $379.61 on behalf of C. Kemp, W. Ley, L. Kemp and J. Nowak to Big Woods Elementary for student needs.
10. Information Items
Board Chair Birk acknowledged the passing of Derek Rowe and Larry Bermal and the Board extended their condolences to the families.
11. Correspondence
12. Future Meeting Dates
Monday, November 18, 2013 — Regular Meeting
Monday, December 2, 2013 — Regular Meeting (Truth in Taxation)
Monday, December 16, 2013 — Regular Meeting
Monday, January 6, 2014 — Regular Meeting (Re-organizational Meeting)
13. Adjourn
Scherber/Steffens. Motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:00 p.m. Motion carried.

11/28/13, NC, Nov 4 Reg Min, 60316

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