Tiger Paw Awards

Each week, the staff at Delano Elementary School recognizes the best-behaved students with the Tiger Paw Award.

The recipients for the week of Nov. 4 are: Emily Hitchings, Sydney Pink and Landon Spice, kindergarten; Andrew Cummings, Rocco Ennen, Melanie Jacobs, Margaret Kraft, Joey Lamecker, Kyle Narlock, Isabelle Nee, Madison Schansberg, Brady Seeger, Ally Underhill and Lucy Yaeger, first grade; Halle Gallus and Daniel Ryan, second grade; Sophi Herman and Hailey Ness, third grade; Riley Cardinal, Lindsey Carlson, Ashton Esco, Isabelle Nelson, Tanna Peterson and Katie Wegman, fourth grade.

Great job, Tigers; keep it up.