City council approves heavy duty rescue vehicle for Rogers Fire


by Dawn Feddersen-Poindexter

Contributing Writer


The Rogers City Council approved the purchase of a $558,000 heavy duty rescue vehicle for the Rogers Fire Department.

“We need the truck for our firefighters to do their job on a daily basis,” said Rogers Fire Chief Brad Feist.

The new vehicle will provide storage space for hazmat equipment, spill containment supplies, rescue equipment for confined spaces and water/ice rescue, 4500psi Cascade system and fill station, scene lighting equipment, and an Incident Command Center. Additionally, it will meet federal standards for highway safety, seat belt alarms, vehicle data recorder, rollover/tilt stability, SCBA fill station requirements, and a top end speed of 68 mph.

The new vehicle will replace a 1992 heavy duty rescue currently in use.

Some Council members were initially skeptical about the purchase, which was scheduled in the city’s Financial Management Plan for next year.

“That amount of money makes me nervous,” said Council member Rick Ihli. “But hearing what Brad had to say went a long way towards making me feel better.”

Feist informed the Council that by ordering the vehicle before Dec. 1, they would receive 2011 pricing and save approximately $20,000. If they pre-pay on the Chassis by May, 2014, they will save an additional $8,000.

Heavy duty rescue trucks are built individually to specifications so the truck won’t be delivered until Sept., 2014. Full payment is due upon delivery.

Proceeds from the sale of pull-tabs will pay for $160,000 of the cost. The remaining $400,000 will be financed by general obligation bonds.

In other matters, the Council took the first step towards obtaining a lot that was promised to the city to be used for a park but has now been tax-forfeited by the owner.

Originally, the developer of lot 8, block 3, Fletcher Hills Addition had signed an agreement to deed the land to the City of Rogers in lieu of a portion of park dedication fees when the Fletcher Hills plat was created.

However, according to Rogers Public Works Supt. John Seifert, “He signed the developers agreement and then he went out of business.”

As the land still isn’t owned by the City of Rogers, the Park Board had to move on from their plans and built Erickson Park, instead. They are still hoping to turn the lot in Fletcher Hills into a park, eventually. The best case scenario would be to receive the land, as promised, but the City is willing to consider purchasing it if the terms are right.