School District 885
(Official Publication)
Monday, October 21, 2013
The St. Michael-Albertville School Board held a Regular meeting in the St. Michael-Albertville District Office board room at 7:00 p.m.
Board Members Present: Doug Birk, Jeanne Holland, Jeff Lindquist, Drew Scherber, Carol Steffens, Gayle Weber.
Absent: None
Staff: James Behle, Jeanette Aanerud, Ben Bakeberg, Brian Benson, Lee Brown, Bob Driver, Ann-Marie Foucault, Jolene Herfel, Wayne Hoistad, Lynn Jennissen, Jennie Kelly, Scott Sukalski
Board Secretary: Suzanne Gallagher
Regular Meeting at 7:00 p.m.
1. Call to Order
2. Approval of Agenda Items
Lindquist/Steffens. Motion to approve the agenda as presented. Motion carried.
3. Correction and Approval of Previous Minutes
a. Joint Governance Meeting on Monday, September 30, 2013 Monday, September 20, 2013
Steffens/Holland. Motion to approve the Joint Governance Meeting Minutes of September 20, 2013 as presented. Motion carried.
b. Regular Meeting on Monday, October 7, 2013
Weber/Steffens. Motion to approve the Regular Meeting Minutes of October 7, 2013 as presented. Motion carried. Aye: Birk, Holland, Scherber, Steffens, Weber. Nay: None. Abstain: Lindquist
3. Visitors
a. Transportation Request
b. Persons not on the agenda wishing to address the school board, 5 minutes per individual
4. Reports
a. Update on New District Website
Dr. Behle gave a brief overview of the new district website which will be launched on November 1, 2013.
5. Old Business
a. Action on Youth Hockey Association Land Use Agreement
Dr. Behle presented a preliminary copy of the agreement with the Youth Hockey Association (YHA) for use of school land by the Hockey Arena for an outdoor rink as well as a sketch of what YHA proposes for the site. Dr. Behle reminded the board this property is south of the arena and was purchased by the school district and told the board that the YHA has reviewed the agreement and sketch, as well as Director of Buildings and Grounds, Terry Zerwas and Adam Nafstad from the City of Albertville. Board consensus was to allow the lease of the property from the District, for the purpose of constructing, maintaining, and operating an outdoor ice rink. Dr. Behle also stated that the outdoor rink would be ready for the 2014-2015 winter season. The lease covers additional items such as parking, hours of operation, and supervision. Member Lindquist clarified that the Hockey Arena Board would oversee the day-to-day operational aspects of the outdoor rink. Adam Smiglewski, from the Youth Hockey Association stated that their intention is to work properly and closely with the District, Hockey Arena Board and City of Albertville. Board Chair Birk requested the implementation of an escrow system in order to avoid the possibility of the District being held financially responsible for utilities and requested Dr. Behle revise the agreement for final approval at the November 4, 2013 board meeting.
b. Action on Activity Committee Charge, Tasks and Timeline
Dr. Behle presented an outline for the proposed activity committee, stating the charge of the committee would be to review the district activity program, budget and participation and make recommendations to the School Board on maintaining and sustaining the activities program for the next five years. Dr. Behle stated that for the 2011-2012 school year, the activities budget was 1.75% of the overall budget expenditures. Board Chair Birk requested the addition of a board member and one additional community member on the committee. Board member Lindquist volunteered to be the School Board representative, stating that he believed the member should listen and observe rather than shape the committee. In addition to the questions presented, the board requested Dr. Behle ask the committees response to prioritizing extracurricular activities in comparison to academics and support services if, three years from now, the district was in a position of deficit spending and forced to make cuts. The board also requested that Dr. Behle include a question that identifies the community values such as participation/access, competitiveness, variety, affordability, etc. Dr. Behle will amend the Activity Committee Charge, Tasks and Timeline and bring to the board for approval at the November 4, 2013 board meeting.
c. Update on BYOD Evaluation Plan
Dr. Behle told the board that Technology Director, Wayne Hoistad has been working with the middle school teachers to create evaluation information that can be provided to the board at the end of the school year about the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Project Phoenix, pilot program. Dr. Behle stated that a student survey has been created, which could be modified for parents. Additionally, qualitative data will be collected from teachers on what worked, challenges, how devices were used, frequency of use, number of student-owned and district owned devices, how learning was enhanced and rationale for investing in this technology.
d. Second Reading of Policy # 601–School District Curriculum and Instruction Goals as amended
e. Second Reading of Policy # 603–Curriculum Development
f. Second Reading of Policy # 604–Instructional Curriculum
g. Second Reading of Policy # 610–Field Trips
h. Second Reading of Policy # 613–Graduation Requirements
i. Second Reading of Policy # 614–School District Testing Plan and Procedure for deletion
j. Second Reading of Policy # 616–School District System Accountability
k. Second Reading of Policy # 618–Assessment of Student Achievement
l. Second Reading of Policy # 620–Credit for Learning
m. Second Reading of Policy # 624– Learning Options
Lindquist/Holland. Motion to approve Policy #601 as amended, Policy #603, Policy #604, Policy #610, Policy #613, Policy # 614, Policy #616, Policy #618, Policy #620, and Policy #624 as presented. Motion carried.
6. New Business
a. Action on Principal Master Contract Agreement
Member Scherber updated the board on the Principal Master Contract Agreement stating that the total settlement was 7.11% for two years with 1.4% on the schedule year one and 1.0% in year two. Scherber also stated that changes were made to the salary schedule to eliminate duplicated steps and career increments were added. Additionally, performance pay was changed and the district contribution to family health insurance will be capped at 90% of the premium with a reopener for salary and benefits because of potential penalties imposed by the Affordable Care Act.
Lindquist/Steffens. Motion to approve the Principal Master Contract Agreement as Presented. Motion carried.
7. Consent Agenda
Steffens/Holland. Motion to approve the consent agenda as presented. Motion carried.
a. Treasurers Report
Payroll $1,373,195.31
Fund (01) $1,290,838.88
Food Service (02) $11,130.48
Service (04) $36,553.41
Agency Fund (09) $3,044.68
Total $2,714,762.76
b. Trip Requests
1) Harmoning, Mitch (HS) Girls Varsity Golf, Alexandria, MN, 5-2-2014 to 5-3-2014
2) Zahler, Bob (HS) Close Up Washington, Washington, DC, 6-1-2014 to 6-7-2014
c. Resignations, Retirements, Terminations, Layoffs
1) Dewey, Darek (HS) Varsity Boys Soccer Head Coach, resignation, effective 10-14-2013
2) Jonell, Patty (HS) Cooks Helper, resignation, effective 11-1-2013
3) Klug, Amy (HS) Assistant Speech Coach, resignation, effective 10-11-2013
4) Sniezek, Tara (AP) Kindergarten Teacher, resignation effective 5-30-2014
d. Employment
1) Dietrich Feigum, Heather (HS) Head Gymnastics Coach, replacing Nicole Ramler, effective 11-4-2013
2) Faatz, Rebecca (SE) 1st Grade Long Term Substitute, replacing Monica Gaulrapp, on or before 12-2-2013 to 1-24-2014
3) Garner, Robin (AP) Speech Language Pathologies Long Term Substitute, replacing Nicole Hydukovich, on or about 11-6-2013 to 4-2-2014
4) Hanson, Timothy (HS) Assistant Varsity Girls Hockey Coach, replacing Rachel Slogon, effective 10-28-2013
5) Sechser, Mindi (HS) Math League Coach, replacing Bill Breeden, effective 10-8-2013
6) Steinbach, Teresa (HS) Second Cook Long Term Substitute, replacing Francis Brant, 5 days per week and 6.5 hours per day, continued leave from 4-9-2013 to 12-2-2013
7) Steve, Nicholas (HS) 9th Grade Boys Basketball Coach, replacing Mike Fore, effective 11-11-2013
8) Wahlenberg, Beverly (HS) Cooks Helper Long Term Substitute, replacing Teresa Steinbach, effective 10-22-2013 to 11-30-2013
e. Leave of Absence
1) Bauer, Carolyn (AP) Media Paraprofessional, Medical-Employee Medical Leave (non-FMLA), effective 11-11-2013 to 12-6-2013
2) Kolles, Eugene (HS) Custodian, Medical-Employee Medical Leave (non-FMLA), continued medical leave to 11-13-2013
3) Wokson, Janis (ME) Health Paraprofessional, Medical-Employee Medical Leave (non-FMLA), effective 10-23-2013 to 11-5-2013
8. Donations
Donations recently made to the schools in the district were recognized by the board. A list of donations is available in the district office.
9. Information Items
10. Correspondence
11. Future Meeting Dates
Monday, November 4, 2013 Regular Meeting at 7:00 p.m.
Monday, November 21, 2013 Regular Meeting at 7:00 p.m.
Monday, December 2, 2013 Regular Meeting at 7:00 p.m.
Monday, December 16, 2013 Regular Meeting at 7:00 p.m.
12. Adjourn
Steffens/Holland. Motion to adjourn at 8:24 p.m. Motion carried _________________________
Carol Steffens, Board Clerk

(Published in the North Crow River News on Nov. 21, 2013)

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