Meet Champlin’s new police sergeant


Glen Schneider
Glen Schneider

by Megan Hopps

SUN PRESS Newspapers


The City of Champlin has recently stopped its search for a new police sergeant.

On Nov. 1, the city welcomed Glen Schneider as Champlin’s new police sergeant. Schneider has been with the Champlin Police Department for 13 years and says he loves interacting with the people of the city.

“Not in a bad way,” he said. But because he loves being able to go out and help people everyday and because everyday there’s new challenges and experiences.

Growing up, Schneider didn’t always know that he’d end up working for a city police department.

“I studied aerospace engineering in school and after that, I enlisted in the army,” he said.

Eight years later, he began working for the city of Champlin. Before he was offered the Police Sergeant position, Schneider was working as a criminal investigator for the city. In addition to his time in investigations, he has also worked as a narcotics investigator, drug recognition expert and patrol officer. He also holds two lifesaving awards from the department.

Schneider was one of eight that applied for the job.

The candidates were interviewed by a panel which included police managers from outside agencies. From there, Police Chief David Kolb narrowed the top four candidates for interviews. He knew he was looking for someone with exceptional communication skills, decision making and leadership qualities.

“We have a great deal of talent and experience within our police department so there were a number of very qualified candidates for this position,” said Kolb. “Glen is well respected both inside and outside the police department. He will be a very good fit for the position.”

Schneider loves that he still gets to work out in the city and assist the community, but he’s also enthused about the opportunity to assist his coworkers in challenging situations.

“I wouldn’t say my job is any different then the guys who have the same duties in Minneapolis or elsewhere,” he said. “Every city has its challenges, working for the city of Champlin isn’t any harder or easier, it’s just different.”

When asked what qualities make him the right man for the job Schneider said, “Everyone the police chief considered for this job had something to offer that would have benefitted the city,” he said.“What qualities I have? Gosh, I don’t know. I don’t like talking about myself much.”


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