Greenfield approves developer’s preliminary plat

The City of Greenfield will now “live, work, play” with an official logo in place to support the premise, and to spread the word.
The City of Greenfield will now “live, work, play” with an official logo in place to support the premise, and to spread the word.

City touts new city logo

The Greenfield City council meeting of Nov. 5 included staff reports and discussion over a preliminary plat for a six-site housing development as well as the adoption of a new logo-and-slogan brand for the city.

A preliminary plat for River Bend Estates, Second Edition was presented to the council. The applicant, M & D Development, sought approval at this meeting as well as vacation of existing easements. The application was received in Sept., and a public hearing was conducted by the Greenfield Planning Commission in October.

The property, located on the southern side of the existing Riverbend Estates development, platted in 1996, is zoned “rural residential” and has lots of various sizes, from 2 and half to over 10 acres. The proposed plat is for just under 50 acres to be subdivided, each lot is a different size and meets the 2.5 acre, or larger, criteria. The topography of the sites also differ, two of them offering additional challenges that the city’s engineers, Hakanson Anderson, feel can be met. Among them is an eagle’s nest residing on nearby property. The engineers seem confident that the building area of the affected lot could be positioned to effectively meet mandates regarding outdoor life habitat.

The engineer proposed approving the preliminary plat with a number of modifications and other conditions including plans for an emergency vehicle turnaround on a private drive serving two lots, bio-roll installation along a roadway to reduce sediment and planning commission approval of grading and erosion control on two building sites to prevent encroachment on wetlands and buffers.

There was also discussion over an existing stubbed road, which may become part o f a low maintenance through street.

The Council, 5-0, approved the preliminary plat for Riverbend Estates, Second Addition.

“Congratulations,” Councilor Chuck Alcon offered the developer following the vote, “you’re the first one through on the rezoning.”



The city of Greenfield has been in the process of defining its identity as a city to those living in and around it, as well as for those passing through or looking for a place to live or conduct business.

The council was presented with several variations on a logo theme created by Grimm Design, LLC. This has been a work in progress; draft versions were viewed previously by the council and returned with requested alterations.

After discussing the various options, Mayor Brad Johnson polled the council as to its first choice. 4-1, the council settled on a green and blue version of the logo, and staff was directed to start using it on the website and in the city’s newsletter.

The next regular meeting of the Greenfield City Council is Tuesday, Nov. 19, at 7 p.m. at 6390 Town Hall Rd.