Tiger Paw Awards

Each week the staff at Delano Elementary School recognizes the best-behaved students with the coveted Tiger Paw Award.

Recipients for the week of Oct. 14 are: Bella Kern and Cam Watkins, first grade; Landon Carlson, Grace Danielson, Madison Horsch and M.J. Mittelstaedt, second grade; Ashton Esco, Jake Hendrickson, Colton Maass, Madison Mittelstaedt, Gentry Nuytten and Alex Schramel, fourth grade.

Recipients for the week of Oct. 21 are: Addison Kalthoff, kindergarten; Jackson Fillmore, Clara Lawrence, Noah Peterson, Tristan Rychly and Chloe Tesmer, first grade; Owen Stowman and Hannah Wadholm, second grade; Troy Brandsma, third grade; Shelby Eckert, Ashton Esco, Kaden Georges, Adam Johnson, Kaitlyn Kangas, Isabelle Nelson, Gunnar Paulson, Amber Peterson and Bryce Prior, fourth grade.

Great job, Tigers.