Supports Baltich for School Board

To the Editor:

I am most pleased to recommend Grace Baltich for school board member in Anoka-Hennepin. Having retired as Principal of Champlin Park High School a few years ago and knowing her for many years, I believe I have a unique perspective on how Ms. Baltich is qualified for this important position. She is a bright, caring, and compassionate person whose focus will be on what’s best for kids. Her degree in social work attests to her understanding the needs of families and young people even while her passion has been focused on education. Yes, board members have to be involved in budgets, policies, and governance, but Ms. Baltich will be the type of board member who always will view these functions and tasks within the context of what will make Anoka-Hennepin the best possible place for all families to live and for all students to learn. She knows resources are limit ed and will work to maximize those available to insure effectiveness and efficiency. Further, she has an intuitive as well as personal understanding of the needs of the gifted learner and the disadvantaged one and she will apply this knowledge to the crucial decisions made about the future of education in our District. I strongly urge you to vote for her Nov. 5.


– David Brom,

Brooklyn Park