Excellent Educator at Dayton Elementary

Lynette Daniel awarded Excellent Educator of the Week

by megan hopps

SUN PRESS Newspapers


Lynette Daniel teaches art education classes at Dayton Elementary School and unexpectedly, on Oct. 4 she was greeted by a surprise guest. WCCO reporter Edward Moody presented Lynette with the Excellent Educator of the Week award.

She began her teaching career at the University of Wisconsin White Water where she studied K-12 art education.

“I’ve always wanted to be an art teacher, since the third grade,” explains Lynette. “I had great teachers in Madison, where I grew up and they really inspired me to chase my dreams.”

Lynette enjoys her job at Dayton Elementary because, well, it doesn’t feel like a job to her.

“It’s so gratifying to see them learn,” she says.

Lynette Daniel holding her Excellent Educator of the Week award in her art classroom at Dayton Elementary School.
Lynette Daniel holding her Excellent Educator of the Week award in her art classroom at Dayton Elementary School.

Many students she’s taught in the past have been reconnecting with her since they heard that she had been given the award and Lynette says it’s wonderful to hear how they’re doing. They share memories they have of her and let her know how much she’s influenced their lives.

Lynette adds how enjoyable it is to get to know students throughout their five years at the school. Since the students she sees begin at a young age, she gets to witness them learn new things about the world everyday.

“I love the kids here,” she said. “The best part of my job is when they look at the artwork they’ve created and say ‘Wow, I did a great job.’ To me, that’s the most gratifying thing; when they’re proud of themselves and feel good about what they’ve done.”


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    Hello you would probobly not read this nor remember me but my name is yaneli Castaneda I’ve been to dayton elementary school since kindergarten and left at grade 5th I miss this school and just wanted to say hi and may you please say hi to these 2 friends of mine by the way I forgot there last name anyways here are one of my friends her name is Sabrina I’m not sure if she still live at the trailer park 55369 or go on bus 144 or moved she’s mexican with long hair and wears long skirts here my other friend his name is Israel he is a boy I’m not sure if he still lives in the trailer Parker 55369 or go on the bus 144 or moved he also mexican with 2 brother ones a teen and another is younger Israel also likes soccer but if you can promise me to say hi to those 2 and hi to you too! 😉