Nov 5

Public Notice of Auction
(Official Publication)
Notice is hereby given that the personal property belonging to the following individual will be sold by sealed bid to the highest bidder on November 5, 2013 at 2:30 pm. Bid opening will be located at Veit Companies 14000 Veit Place Rogers, MN 55374. Bids accepted in person up until time of sale during regular business hours. Term is cash.
Unit being sold:
Rodney Gibson, Delray Beach, FL Unit #80 10×20
Inspection will take place November 5, 2013 promptly at 2:00 pm. The successful bidder will be notified at the time of bid opening. Please note: the unit must be cleaned out in its entirety the next business day after sale. Sale is subject to cancellation in the event of settlement between the owner and obligated party. Sale is to satisfy a lien held by Park Place Self Storage, LLC. 14000 Veit Place Rogers, MN 55374

10/17/13, NC, Nov 5 Sale

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