Maple Grove Police


Seung Il Choi, 47, of Plymouth was arrested Sept. 22 at 4827 Orchid Lane for fourth degree DUI.

Erick Heinonen, 27, of Champlin was arrested Sept. 23 at 15491 93rd Ave for second-degree driving while impaired, refuse to submit to chemical test, and driving after suspension.

Arthur Bierbrauer, 42, of Anoka was arrested Sept. 23 at 7285 Forestview Lane for domestic abuse, violating two or more orders for protection within 10 years of previous, domestic abuse (no contact order) and warrant arrest.

Brian Bach, 18, of Dayton was arrested Sept. 24 at 9541 Dunkirk Lane for miscellaneous trespass notice served and theft shoplifting $500 to $1,000.

Michael Lewis, 57,  of Minneapolis was arrested Sept. 24 at 16475 96th Ave for fleeing police officer and theft shoplifting less than $500.

Leah Hampl, 26, of Champlin was arrested Sept. 25 at Hemlock Lane and I-694 for fourth degree DUI and fourth degree DWI.

Rachel Anthony, 36, of Coon Rapids was arrested Sept. 25 at 12970 63rd Ave. for giving peace officer false name of another person, and theft of mail.

Rochelle Roper, 38, of Coon Rapids was arrested Sept. 25 at 12970 63rd Ave. for theft of mail, and warrant arrest.

Jeffrey Altrichter, 44, of Buffalo was arrested Sept. 25 at I-94 and Weaver Lake Road for gross misdemeanor indecent exposure.

Amy Flah, 28, of Maple Grove was arrested Set. 26 at 9150 Zanzibar Lane for assault, fifth degree commits, attempts or threats harm; obstructing legal process interfere with police officer, force/violence or threat; and disorderly conduct, brawling or fighting.

Shawn Pirich, 40, of Corcoran was arrested Sept. 27 at Bass Lake Road and Berkshire Lane for second degree DUI; second degree DWI, two or more aggravating factors; controlled substance possession of marijuana; and careless driving.

Mark Zimmerman, 50, of Elk River was arrested Sept. 29 at I-494 and Bass Lake Road, for third degree DUI; third degree DWI, one aggravating factor; fourth degree DUI; and fourth degree DWI.


Friday, Sept. 27

Damage to Property 9/27/13 11324 100th Pl—report of mailbox and post damaged.

Theft 11700 block of 95th Ave—report of wood chipper stolen from lawn care service.

Burglary 9000 block of Rosewood Ln—report burglary to residence and cash stolen.

Damage to Property 12100 block of Robin Rd—report of pool cover damaged.

Damage to Property 9800 block of Fernbrook Ln—report of individuals caught spray painting front of school.

Saturday, Sept. 28

Theft 6900 block of Orchid Ln—report of vehicle  tabs stolen from mail.

Medical 11600 block of Fountains Dr—responded to individual having difficulty breathing—officer administered oxygen while victim changed oxygen tanks.

Sunday, Sept. 29

Theft 11960 73rd Ave—report of vehicle leaving gas station without paying for gas.

Theft from Auto 8500 block of Pineview Ln—report of phone  charger and GPS unit stolen from vehicle.

Theft from Auto 12800 block of 86th Pl—report of iPod and other items stolen from vehicles.

Theft from Auto 12700 block of 88th Ave—report of wallet stolen from vehicle—wallet subsequently found but cash and a credit card missing.

Theft 6300 block of Vinewood Ln—report of all four wheels stolen off vehicle parked in lot.

Theft 10600 block of Co Rd 81—report of lock cut off trailer and trailer stolen.

Theft from Auto 8900 block of Rosewood Ln—report of hunting vest stolen from vehicle.

Monday, Sept. 30

Vandalism 15200 block of 69th Pl—report of residence hit about 15 times with paintballs.

Burglary 18000 block of 72nd Pl—report of items stolen from house under construction.

Tuesday, Oct. 1

Burglary 6600 block of Chesshire Ln—report of chain saw stolen from garage.

Theft 12100 block of 62 Ave—report of miter box and adjustable roller stands stolen from tool room of residence.

Medical 6500 block of Merrimac Ln—responded to individual having difficulty breathing—officers administered oxygen until transported to hospital by paramedics.

Thursday, Oct. 3

Medica 15800 block of Territorial Rd—responded to individual suffering a heart attack—officer  provided oxygen until paramedics transported to hospital.