Hennepin County offers recycling grants for businesses

The business sector generates more than half of the total waste in Hennepin County, and nearly two-thirds of it could be recycled. 

Hennepin County is the first local government entity in Minnesota to offer grants to encourage recycling at businesses. Helping businesses improve their recycling is an important strategy toward meeting the county’s goal of recycling at least half of the waste generated in the county by 2015.

Recycling grants are now available for up to $50,000 for businesses to start or improve programs to divert items that can be recycled and organics (food and nonrecyclable paper) from the trash.

Most businesses and nonprofits in the county –from large office buildings to churches, restaurants and apartment buildings – are eligible to apply for the grants.

The funding is available to help with the purchase of recycling containers, equipment, hauling services and minor improvements to loading docks and waste enclosures.

Hennepin County has staff available to answer questions about the grant application, review project ideas, evaluate potential costs and savings, and offer resources to start and improve recycling and organics programs.

Info and applications: hennepin.us/businessrecycling or call 612-543-1316.