Albertville amends outdoor music ordinance

The Albertville City Council approved an ordinance amendment to the code relating to outdoor music event permits.

The council also reiterated its decision regarding a request for hunting in city limits.



City administrator Adam Nafstad updated the council about the temporary outdoor music ordinance. The council June 3 passed an ordinance amendment to allow outdoor musical performances as requested by an Albertville restaurant.

“When the ordinance was submitted to the City’s codifier for codification purposes, it was recommended that the ordinance more clearly define both major and minor outdoor musical performances,” Nafstad said in his memo to the council. “It was further recommended the criteria for both the major and minor performances be further defined under each type of event.”

He then spelled out the “key issues”:

• The new ordinance more clearly defines what constitutes a major and minor outdoor musical performance.

• The ordinance clearly defines the criteria for each type of event.

• This new ordinance is a recommendation from the City’s codifier, Sterling Codifiers.

• The new language will better help identify the different type of events when receiving future permit applications.

• City Council still has the authority to impose additional conditions on a permit for a minor outdoor musical performance.

For example, major live events are held at an event venue or other commercial property specifically to provide live or recorded amplified music entertainment to a large assembly of persons. These are limited to two major permits per year.

Minor live music permits may be acoustic or amplified, at an established commercial location as only part of a regular business service to its customers. These permits are issued annually for the calendar year.

Fees for both major and minor outdoor music is set by resolution typically before year end.

This is the first year staff charged a nominal fee for the permits issued, but staff will need to identify an appropriate fee for both types of performances to cover the costs of staff and consultant time and review,” Nafstad said.

The council approved the ordinance amendments.



In other matters, administrator Nafstad updated the council about the request to hunt geese on private property in the city limits.

City ordinance prohibits discharge of firearms, and the council clarified that it would not be comfortable granting an exception to a farmer who wants to rid geese from ruining crops.

The council is concerned about housing density near the farm area, noise complaints and the visibility of people shooting guns in the city limits.


In other action, the council:

APPROVED a one-day temporary intoxicating liquor license for Albertville Lions Club’s annual Comedy and Prime Rib Dinner Saturday, Oct. 5.

APPROVED a one-day temporary intoxicating liquor license for St. Albert Church Festival Sunday, Oct. 13.

DIRECTED staff to move forward with a building interconnection project/upgrade and to accept quotes for the fiber component, as well as solicit final quotes for individual components of the project, which would cost between $180,000 and $200,000. Sufficient funds for the project were put into capital reserves in 2006 as part of the city hall project.

ACCEPTED a request from councilor Larry Sorensen to add traffic control at STMA football games to the Sept. 30 school board/city council joint meeting agenda.