City of Maple Grove
(Official Publication)
Notice is hereby given that the Maple Grove City Council will hold a public hearing and meet at the Maple Grove Government Center, 12800 Arbor Lakes Parkway, Maple Grove, MN at 7:30 p.m. on the twenty-first (21st) day of October, 2013 to consider the adoption of proposed assessment rolls assessing properties that benefit from the following:
The total amount of the proposed assessment is $362,617.50 and the properties proposed to be assessed, all lying within the City of Maple Grove, Hennepin County, Minnesota.
The total amount of the proposed assessment is $6,490.00 and the properties proposed to be assessed, all lying within the City of Maple Grove, Hennepin County, Minnesota.
The proposed assessment rolls are now on file in the office of the City Clerk and are available for public inspection during the regular business hours. Objections presented to the City Council during the said meeting, or written objections presented prior to or during said meeting will be considered before the City Council takes any official action on the proposed assessment rolls.
CAUTION: Minnesota law provides that no appeal may be taken as to the amount of any assessment unless a written objection, signed by the affected property owner, has been filed with the City Clerk prior to the assessment hearing or presented to the presiding officer at the hearing.
Within 30 days after the adoption of the assessment, any person who is not precluded by failure to object to or at the assessment hearing, or whose failure to so object is due to a reasonable cause, may appeal the assessment to the District Court pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, Section 429.081, by serving notice thereof upon the Mayor or Clerk of the municipality. The notice must then be filed with the Court Administrator of District Court within 10 days after its date of service upon the said Mayor or Clerk.
Section 435.193 through 435.195 of Minnesota Statutes provides that a city may, at its discretion, defer any payment of special assessments for homestead property of persons 65 years of age or older, or retired by virtue of a permanent and total disability, for whom it would be a hardship to make the payment. Applications therefore may be obtained from the City of Maple Grove. The City of Maple Grove has not, however, as yet elected to defer special assessments, nor has it established any guideline for such deferral of special assessments. Deferral is therefore unlikely. If any persons wish, however, with this understanding, to make an application for deferral of special assessments, the said application will be accepted and considered on an individual basis.
Direct all objections to the assessment or to the amount of the assessments, when made in writing, to the City Clerk of the City of Maple Grove, 12800 Arbor Lakes Parkway, P.O. Box 1180, Maple Grove, MN, 55311-6180. Direct all other inquiries you may have directly to the Maple Grove Special Assessment Clerk.
Auxiliary aids for handicapped persons are available upon request if notified at least 96 hours in advance. Please call the Administration Department at 763-494-6000 to make arrangements.
Alan A. Madsen
City Clerk
Date Published in the Osseo-Maple Grove Press: September 26 & October 3, 2013

9/26-10/3/13, Osseo/Maple Grove, Del Util & Weed, 28479

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