MGPD warns of money scam

(Editor’s note: The following information comes from Crime Prevention Officer Todd Strege with the Maple Grove Police Department)

Recently an individual has been calling senior citizens in the city and identifying himself as an FBI agent with badge number 4779. In the conversation he states that people have won $600,000 in 2010, but they thought the victim had passed away since they’ve been unable to get in touch with the victim.

The imposter states that in order to obtain the money all people need to do is send a $1,500 wire transfer and they will be sent the winnings. The imposter will then state if someone is suspicious they can verify the winnings by calling Tom Engels, badge number 01865, of the Maple Grove Police Department at 763-494-6100.

Engels is a real police officer with Maple Grove Police, but the badge number is incorrect.

The imposter is hoping people will call MGPD to verify that Engels is a real police officer (even though the badge number is incorrect) and then fell that this imposter is telling the truth about the $600,000.

Several hours later the imposter will call back stating they were mistaken and the prize money is nearly a million dollars and try to convince the victim to complete the wire transfer of $1,500. This is a scam. Never give out any personal information such as bank accounts, social security numbers or phone numbers.