Rogers Police

RogPoliceThe following contains a sample of calls reported by Rogers Police from Monday, Sept. 9, through Sunday, Sept. 15.

Monday, Sept. 9

Officer responded to a semi-truck with it’s rear wheels on fire eastbound I-94 at Main Street. Officer located the semi-truck Interstate 94 eastbound at County Road 81. The rear driver’s side wheels were on fire. Officer put the fire out with the extinguisher. The driver advised already used his extinguisher and showed me an empty extinguisher. It appeared the driver didn’t realize the tire was flat and it overheated causing the fire.

Owner called to report his vehicle was broken into overnight at 14087 Gadwall Lane between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. The vehicle was parked in the driveway and access was gained into the locked cab by shattering the driver door glass. Officer observed two pry marks on the outer edge of window frame. Suspect(s) rummaged the cab and took a pair of tennis shoes and backpack. The backpack contained school books. Estimated loss $100.

Officer responded to the residence at 14093 Gadwall Lane after the reporting party called to report a theft from auto. Officer learned the suspect(s) made entry into the attached garage and took wallet, checkbook and garage door opener from unlocked vehicles in that garage. There were no signs of forced entry, the garage door was discovered open by the reporting party.

Candice Amanda Saltzman, 30, was cited for expired registration at Territorial Road and Wood Lane.

Tuesday, Sept. 10

Officer was asked to meet with a juvenile male and his mother at a gas station at 21451 South Diamond Lake Rd. The juvenile male had stolen a candy bar and his mother wanted an Officer to speak with him as it was an ongoing problem. Officer met with the juvenile male and escorted him back into the store to apologize to the clerk as his mother had paid for the candy bar prior to officer arrival.

Wednesday, Sept. 11

Rodney Fleischman, 53, was cited for fail to obey traffic control device/signage “No Trucks Allowed” two signs when he pulled out of truck stop off 134th Avenue took a left up to Rogers Drive then took right disobeying both signs that state can not drive north on Rogers Drive.

Joseph Michael Passon, 29, was cited for theft of tennis shoes, $85 loss at Kohl’s, 21985 South Diamond Lake Rd. Upon investigation, he was subsequently cited for theft of an external hard drive from Target. Upon further investigation, Passon was also cited with theft of an external hard drive that occurred in July at Target. Lastly, he was cited for an item that was stolen from the Buffalo Wal Mart.

Thursday, Sept. 12

Rhonda Lea Heideman, 48, was cited for theft of clothing, $224, at Kohl’s.

Responded to a report of a motorcycle down on northbound Main Street just south of the Crow River. Motorcycle was northbound on Main Street in the inside lane, when vehicle merged over to the inside lane. Driver did not see motorcycle, and motorcycle driver had to steer into the ditch to avoid being hit. Motorcycle crashed, causing minor injuries to. North Memorial Ambulance responded and transported motorcycle driver to Maple Grove Hospital.

Officers responded to a head on personal injury crash. There were three parties with minor injuries. Vehicles were towed from the scene. Paramedics did not have to transport anyone. Loren Louise Green, 35, was cited for unsafe change of course.

Friday, Sept. 13

School Resource Officer received information of a possible internet chat line sex crime occurring. School Resource Officer assisted in locating a juvenile female. School Resource Officer working with the South Saint Paul Police Department and the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension on the case.

Planning Commission member reported a property at 26315 Sylvan Lake Rd. where all the property is abandoned and full of junk. Arrived at the location and took a number of photos. Multiple hazards including buildings that are falling down, a partially covered cistern and multiple piles of junk. Case file will be completed. Certified letter sent to current property owner asking for immediate attention to the property.

Saturday, Sept. 14

Sharon Marie Zahm, 43, was cited for expired driver’s license and unsafe U turn, at Interstate 94 and Main St.

Sunday, Sept. 15 

Caller reporting a 19 year old female, apparently intoxicated, had passed out in the bathroom of the business. The reporting party was not on site and her child was with the subject. Upon arrival staff stated a group had just left moments before officers arrived. Officers checked the restrooms, they were unoccupied. Surrounding area was checked, no contact. Calls back to the reporting part went directly to voicemail.

Individual and his girlfriend were approached as they were in their vehicle while at a gas station in Rogers. Male party was threatened physical harm by another male who walked up to him after he exited from another vehicle that was at the gas station. Male suspect was contacted outside his residence and admitted to his actions. He was taken into custody and was booked at the Rogers Police Department and released via tab charge for 5th Degree Assault.