Maple Grove approves 2 utility resolutions

by Sue Webber

Contributing Writer

The nine-minute Maple Grove City Council meeting Sept. 16 may not have set a record for brevity, but it was close.

The council did approve resolutions after two public hearings, neither of which drew any speakers from the audience.

The first resolution was for street and utility projects for Stella Ridge at 78th and Lawndale Lane. Public improvements to serve the development will total $507,493.

“This is fairly small compared to our typical standards,” said Ken Ashfeld, Maple Grove’s director of public works/city engineer.

The 13 single-family detached lots at Stella Ridge will have a total property assessment of $730,756, or $56,212 per lot.

The planned unit development for the project was approved several weeks ago, Ashfeld said.

The second resolution was for street and utility projects for Stella’s Marsh View at 63rd and Lawndale Lane, which Ashfeld said is a similar but smaller development.

Public improvements for the six single-family detached lots at Stella’s Marsh View will amount to $304,443, resulting in an assessment of  $64,333 per lot.

Feasibility reports on both projects were presented to the city council Sept. 3.


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