Delano Youth Hockey proposes second ice sheet

The Delano Youth Hockey Association is getting ready to construct a second ice sheet north of the Delano Ice Arena on Tiger Drive in Delano.

The DYHA got two necessary approvals from the Delano City Council, Tuesday, Aug. 20, and now must get approval from the Delano School District to expand the ice arena on school district property. The ice arena is located just south of Delano Elementary School and shares a parking lot with the school.

The Delano City Council granted the hockey association a conditional use permit that allows the association to construct a public and semi-public building in an R-2 residential district. The council also approved a CUP that allows construction of a building with metal siding and roofing in the R-2 district, in which this type of building generally is not allowed.

Delano City Planner Alan Brixius described the hockey association’s proposal. Currently the Delano Ice Arena has an indoor ice sheet and an outdoor rink directly to the south of the indoor arena. The new ice sheet would be situated east of the two existing rinks.

At first the new sheet would be an outdoor refrigerated affair with an adjacent building housing refrigeration equipment, grooming equipment and a viewing area with rest rooms and concessions. The second phase of the project would involve constructing a building over the new ice sheet. The new building would be of comparable design and construction with the existing indoor ice arena.

City Councilor Dan Vick said he was concerned about whether a sufficient number of parking spaces would be available to accommodate additional traffic generated by the new ice sheet.

Brixius answered that the first phase for the new sheet would be a seasonal use, so hockey visitors would not be parking in the area at the same time as baseball visitors. Also, peak parking hours for the elementary school would be different from peak parking hours for the ice arena. He thought the school parking lot just to the north of the proposed new ice sheet would provide sufficient parking for the phase one outdoor facility.

He added that the hockey association would have to address the parking issue in plans for phase two construction, which would turn the second ice sheet into a year-round facility.

After Brixius recommended approval of the phase one ice sheet, the City Council granted hockey association’s requests for the two conditional use permits — with the condition that the school district okays the project.


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