Delano keeps 2014 property tax levy at same level as for 2013

The Delano City Council Tuesday, Sept. 3, approved a preliminary property tax levy for 2014 of $2,649,780, and, in this way, kept the city property tax levy at the same figure as for 2013.

The city property tax levy will pay for the bulk of Delano’s general fund operating budget in 2014, as well as costs of servicing city debt.

Delano Finance Director Brian Bloch noted that, according to state law, Delano’s final 2014 property tax levy can be equal to or lower than the preliminary property tax levy — not higher. He asked for and got council approval for holding a truth and taxation public hearing on the final tax levy and general fund budget during the regular city council meeting, at 7 p.m., Tuesday, Dec. 10, at Delano City Hall.

For the first time in several years, Delano will get local government aid from the state in 2014, Bloch said. Delano is expecting $170,000 in LGA.

Bloch said the Minnesota State Legislature capped levy increases for city property taxes at 3 percent for 2014. Delano has succeeded in budgeting for a tax levy with no increase.

For two months Delano city officials have talked mostly about the general fund budget and property taxes for 2014, Bloch said. The next task is to look at other parts of the overall city budget — including enterprise funds, such as sewer and water.

He invited Delano citizens to contact him about what they think should be in the city budget.

“It’s always nice to get input,” he said.

Delano is required to certify its 2014 preliminary property tax levy to Wright County by Sept. 15. The city must certify its final property tax levy and general fund budget for 2014 in December. Wright County will use the preliminary tax levy and budget figures in tax notices that will be sent to property owners in November.

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