City of Greenfield
(Official Publication)
Notice of Public Hearing
OFFICIAL NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on the 8th day of October, 2013, after the hour of 7:00 PM, in the Council Chambers at 6390 Town Hall Drive, Greenfield, Minnesota. The purpose of the public hearing shall be:
An application submitted by M & D Development Company to divide PID #02-119-24-32-0001 into 6 residential lots.
Persons wishing to comment should appear at the hearing or address their written comments to the City of Greenfield. Materials related to this matter are available for review at the City Hall. Plans may be viewed at City Hall at 7738 Commerce Circle. Please direct questions to Margaret Webb at 763-477-6464.
Notice is hereby given this 12th day of September, 2013.
Margaret A. Webb, Deputy City Clerk

09/12/13 M&D Development

Comments Closed