Rogers Police

RogPoliceBadgeThe following is a sample of calls reported by Rogers Police from Monday, Aug. 26, through Monday, Aug. 26

Caller at 20602 Drake Court reported that a neighbor youth came to her residence and forced entry by breaking out a window leading into the bedroom. Her 14 year old son was inside the home, and he fled out the front door and ran to a neighbors’ home. Suspect’s mother found the suspect inside the neighbor’s home and brought him back to own residence. Suspect taken into custody for First Degree Burglary and transported to Fairview Hospital on an emergency hold.

Tuesday, Aug. 27

Officers responded to 13380 Willandale Rd. in regards to vehicle that was taken from the driveway overnight and returned the next morning. Upon officers arrival the vehicle was parked in the driveway overnight with the keys inside. It appeared someone took the vehicle and drove it for approximately 43 miles, and returned the vehicle to the same spot. The suspect (s) left personal property in the vehicle. No damage was done to the vehicle.

Officers responded to a business burglary that took place overnight at 13590 Northdale Blvd. The store was entered through the adjacent mechanical room and punching through the sheet rock wall and then into the safe room. Safe was pried open and the store inventory was removed including cell phones and cash

Suspect was intoxicated and kept making repeated phone calls to the business where her ex-husband owns the company. Employees told her to stop but she kept calling back. Officer called to suspect and told her to stop calling. She called back two more times while the officer was still in the building. Citation was mailed to Deyetee Marie Kraemer, 54, at her home in St. Cloud.

Xavier Lee Kirk, 20, was cited for driving after revocation at Main Street and Industrial Boulevard.

Wednesday, Aug. 28

Zachery Alan Freiberg, 23, was cited for inattentive driving resulting in a property damage auto crash at County Rd. 81 and Brockton Lane.

Officer were dispatched to the RR tracks and Cty 144 on a report from a citizen that he stopped and spoke to a male party he believed matched the description of our missing person. Officers responded to the area, and located the male suspect hiding in the woods on the east side of the tracks. The male party took off on foot toward the RR bridge but was stopped and taken into custody. He was transported to Abbott/Northwestern Hospital on a transport hold.

Officer took a walk in request for a civil escort at 20700 block of 147th Ave. During the request officer determined a domestic assault and gross misdemeanor interference with 911 had occurred. Robert Lamont Wells, 62, was arrested and transported to Hennepin County Jail.

Jesse James Elliott, 50, was arrested for felony warrant at 21451 South Diamond Lake Rd. and transported to jail.

Friday, Aug. 30

Victim received a call to her landline, the female caller purported herself as the victim’s niece “Connie.” Under the ruse the niece was incarcerated, the victim was tricked to send cash moneygram of $1,900 to assist in legal fees. A male caller claiming to be an attorney, Roger Nolan, called to follow up at which point the victim provided the moneygram claim number to the male. Moneygram claim #23132147 was sent to “Sandra Aza,” Dominican Republic. The victim made calls to the bank and officer assisted the victim to make an electronic report on Total loss with service fee’s is $1,920.

Saturday, Aug. 31

Suspicious vehicle called in by an employee at a business in Rogers at 13500 Rogers Dr.. Vehicle plate was called in to Dispatch which identified the registered owner and occupant of the vehicle as having an extraditable (believed to be felony) warrant out of Missouri. Party handed over a pipe with marijuana residue inside of it, and gave consent for a search of him and his vehicle. A warrant was confirmed for him, Larry Michael Koestler, 52, was taken into custody and the lived in vehicle was started with a search uncovering more illegal contraband, including a crack pipe, trace amounts of marijuana, etc. The vehicle was too full of property to be searched further and a K-9 is recommended, but was not available at the time of stop. Party was booked at Hennepin County Jail.

Tyler James Anderson, 20, was cited for underage drinking and driving, and driving after revocation at Rogers Drive and 134th Ave.

Stephanie Marie Hines, 26, was cited for canceled driver’s license and no motor vehicle insurance.

Sunday, Sept. 1

Officer went to this business following up on a possible fraudulent return from information received while investigating the related case. Officer learned of a possible theft involving the same suspect in the related case. That theft was captured on surveillance, loss is not yet known. This is the third theft incident in two weeks involving the same suspect. The case will be forwarded to Hennepin County Detectives for further follow up.

Report of a 30 year old white male wearing blue jeans, and light colored tennis shoes that was seen peeping in the window of the caller’s 12 year old daughter’s bedroom at 501 York Dr., Dayton. Area check was conducted with the suspect having been last seen walking towards the corn field. Unable to locate.

Monday, Sept. 2 

Officer observed a sedan fail to obey a traffic control device. Upon further investigation, the driver did not have a valid drivers license and a warrant for her arrest. Driver was unable to satisfy the warrant and was transported to the Hennepin County Jail. Synovia Michele Stewart, 24, was cited for driving after suspension and no proof of insurance. Driver was verbally warned for 3 kids improper restrained and fail to obey traffic control device.