LETTER: Doesn’t agree with Gov. Dayton’s letter

To the Editor:


As I read Gov. Dayton’s comments on how essential farmers are to our future all I could think is “You’ve got to be bleeping kidding me!” What the heck is he even doing writing something like this after having to admit that he didn’t realize one of the myriad of new taxes that they are inflicting on Minnesotans will affect farmers? How can anyone take this man seriously?

What’s next, a letter to businesses telling them how wonderful they are for providing jobs and keeping our economy going? A letter to medical equipment manufacturers thanking them for producing machines that save lives? Do you think maybe he’ll include a smiley face to try and lessen the blow when the tax man comes around?

What a joke and how disingenuous can you be. Put your money where your mouth is Governor Dayton and repeal the new taxes or just be honest. I’d have more respect for you if you just sent a letter that stated, “It’s going to be very expensive to live and operate here in Minnesota because I’ve decided to tax anything and everything, Yours Truly, Mark Dayton.” Now that’s something coming from a politician that I can believe in.


Lisa Welton

Maple Grove

  • Stephen Berg

    Not sure what this person is complaining about so much. It is common that the bills that are signed sometimes contain things that are last minute additions or things that not everyone has read. Also, Dayton has stated he supports repealing this particular tax, and it should be in the September 9 special session. This is not recent news, and it is rather deceptive of the writer of this letter not to mention this. Unless she didn’t know, which means that she is not paying attention.