Rogers Police Report

The following events occurred between Monday, Aug. 12 and Sunday Aug. 18  

Monday, Aug. 12:

-Two dogs were found on 12913 Main Street in Rogers. Megan Brasel reported to the Rogers Animal Shelter with the two dogs around 8:20 in the morning. One is a Shitzu mix with a blue collar and one is a puppy (unknown breed) with no collar. Both appeared blonde in color.

-Case follow-up: Dispatched to a suspicious unoccupied vehicle at the rear of the business at 13098 George Weber Dr 400, Rogers. Vehicle was located, upon further investigation, the registered owner was arrested the night before and charged with felony-theft. The vehicle was towed to Roger’s Police Department.

-The Rogers Police Department received a call from the service manager at 21150 John Milless Dr , Rogers. Miller Chevrolet called about an unwanted person living in a camper in the parking lot.  Contact was made with the manager who informed officer. The male party was asked several times to leave the business but has not complied.  Police were unable to locate the truck and camper.

-Parents came to the RPD to report a potential criminal sexual conduct case in which their 17 year old daughter is a victim. The 21 year old suspect is in a position of authority. The case is under investigation by Rogers Police, Maple Grove Police and Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office.

Tuesday, Aug. 13: The parents calling in on juvenile daughter and daughters friends who are runaways after sneaking out of the home and from their supervision. Parents advised a suspicious vehicle from Wisconsin was seen parked up the road from the residence prior to the girls departure from the home and both girls are believed to be with the occupants or in that vehicle. The male occupants from the vehicle are believed to be in their 20’s and are believed to be acquaintances or friends of the daughters friend.  The phone numbers available were utilized for the girls and their parents and those who were reached were either talked to or were left messages about the current situation. Juvenile runaway form was filled out for R/P’s daughter and the form was sent in for entering her as a runaway through Hennepin County Dispatch. Girls departure time from the home was around 1202 hours on 08-13-2013. Forms date submitted should have had this date and not 08-12-13 as the time they were missing since. Father of friend was talked to who later returned my call and gave partial ID of the male occupants of the vehicle. Both females found by a parent in the area of the residence and were brought home. Officers talked to same and had female taken out of system as a runaway. 1:12 a.m. Parent of suspect vehicle’s driver in a runaway case reporting on his Son and the runaway in which he was told that his Son dropped off the girls/runaway.

Addresses Involved

12913 Main St , Rogers

Addresses Involved

13125 Basswood La , Rogers

Wednesday, Aug. 14: Thomas Mattson, 49, was arrested for DWI on I-94 and Main Street in Rogers. Roger’s Police responded to a driving complaint and located the vehicle. Mattson was driving in two lanes at the time of the offense.  The officer initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle and the driver was arrested for DWI. The driver was booked at the Rogers Police Department and released to a sober adult.

Thursday, Aug. 15: Roger’s police responded to a resident’s complaint of underage drinking.  Corrina Mussehl, 18,  and Jacqueline Morgan, 18, were cited for minor consumption. The caller was the mother of one of the subjects involved and also reported that her daughter’s friend took her car without permission and wanted the subjects to be given breath tests.  The driver was cited for violation of instruction permit and two passengers were cited for minor consumption.  One passenger was a juvenile and was transported home and released to parents.

-The Roger’s Police received a phone call to report her daughters dog missing since 7:30 a.m. and had asked if one had been found. Tina Ellingson described the Pug as all brown with white on his chest. The dog has a blue collar with a reflective strip on it but no tags.  He is microchipped and goes by the name “Jaxson.”

Sunday, Aug. 18: Officers were dispatched to a 70 year old male who was unconscious in the 2400 block of 141st Avenue.  Officers arrived on scene and provided medical attention, but were unable to revive the male.   Hennepin County Detectives, Crime Lab and Medical Examiner were contacted.