Dayton revises Sundance Woods plat and project budget

The Dayton City council met on Tuesday, Aug. 13 to discuss city projects and plans. Before the agenda topics were discussed, Dayton Police Chief Rick Pietrzak said that he is looking for one part time officer, but requested that the city look into hiring two, should the budget allow.


Open Forum


During open forum resident Doug Banes raised the issue of the Diamond Lake boat landing which he has been working on for eight years. The city came to a conclusion to leave him in charge of the lot. Another issue Banes brought up was the third phase is the South Diamond Lake Road project. He brought to the council’s attention that plan conflicts with the parks and trails and open space plan.

Next, resident Leroy Thieman spoke about an issue raised in a previous work session regarding the city’s fire department. The particular instance he had heard about in work session was a call the fire department received and only sent one fireman out to the scene because there were not enough men. This was an issue he felt needed to be addressed on the web site. He agreed that the police chief needs more officers as well and said that he would be willing to be taxed at a higher rate if it meant having a full police and fire staff. He cautioned the city to look at their budget to cover the errors in the estimate for the sewer stubs as well. “The citizens can’t work with you if we don’t know what’s going on,” said Thieman.

Selma Stern spoke on the issue of Territory Road. She requested a written document from the city that they will only charge 5,000. 530,000 for curbs and lighting on the road which, in her opinion were not needed and were not affordable. Can’t even pay the interest on that.




It was brought to the council’s attention that the Sundance Woods plat does not include the golf course. City Administrator Bob Derus said that this does not influence Phase I of the project, but will effect Phase VI. As of right now the city does not have a signed development so they could not move forward with the contract. Details still need to be worked out and the city hopes to break ground in September. The city plans to revise the preliminary plat.

There was a miscommunication between the city engineer and council regarding the cost difference between a 4” and 8” service on Territorial Road to the Sundance Woods development. Originally the cost difference, as thought by the council, from a 4” service to an 8” service ,was $230. However each 8” service required a different manhole, which would cost an additional 10,000 per service for a total cost of $80,000. The question raised at the meeting was whether the city or the residents who want the upgrade from a 4” to an 8” service will have to pay the difference. The city discussed whether to keep the current city engineer on the Sundance Woods project or to switch to Wank Engineering. The Dayton council voted to move forward with the contract with Wank Engineering.

The water tower lease was another topic of discussion. AT&T plans to put eight antennae on water tower. Some of the concerns that were raised on the topic was whether or not other providers can use the antennas.


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