Rogers Police

RogPoliceBadgeThe following contains a sample of calls reported by Rogers Police from Monday, July 15, through Sunday, July 21

Monday, July 15

Victim at 1515 Maple Ave. reported her vehicle had all four tires side wall punctured while it was parked in the apartment parking lot. Suspect had been “threatening” the registered owner’s son who is also the typical driver.

The reporting party received mail reporting she had won $75K – 3rd prize Publishers Clearing House. Also included a check, just under $1K, she was directed to cash and use proceeds to pay a processing fee. Officer confirmed the reporting party did not share private information with the solicitors. She was advised the matter was a scam and she was provided additional resources from the MN Attorney General. No Loss.

Officer responded to a hit and run crash on Main Street, north of I-94. An unidentified seal coating truck changed lanes striking another vehicle in the right front corner. Minor damage was reported. No license plate was obtained from the seal coating truck that proceeded eastbound on I-94. An Attempt to locate was called into the State Patrol.

Tuesday, July 16

Male party calling in on his wife due to a potential overdose situation. Pills and alcohol combination suspected along with suicidal in nature comments and texts. Male party advised that the situation started with all day verbal arguing and then the suspected chemical use. Female party was transported by ambulance to a hospital. An advocacy card was given to the male half for the family.

Reporting party’s juvenile daughter had spotted two black males toss an item into the trees in Sunnyside Park approximately 1800 hours on 07-15-13. When they left the area, she checked and found a purse. Officer responded and took custody of the purse and determined it to be the one reported lost two days earlier in Hassan Elementary playground. The purse will be returned to it’s owner. Originally reported to have contained over $300, it now contains $2.57 and appears to have all other documents/cards.

Officers responded to a driving complaint in the area of County Road 81 and Ironwood Drive. The reporting party indicated the vehicle was all over the roadway. Officers observed the same driving behaviors. The suspect vehicle was stopped and William Ngumbu Nguma, 45, was arrested for driving while intoxicated.

Wednesday, July 17

Officers received call for property damage at 21515 Maple Ave. Driver’s side window had been smashed out on car. Registered owner stated all four tires were slashed two days ago in retaliation against her son. She believed the broken window was another act against her son.

Party reports a hit and run property damage incident from July 10 at 1247 hours. The incident occurred at Broadway Pizza where party was told there was video surveillance of the incident. The suspect was described as a Hispanic Male driving a white pick up truck. Suspect known to employees as a regular customer, but they do not know his name. Employees were advised to contact police if suspect party shows up again. Incident currently under investigation.

Thursday, July 18

Party reports damage to the front door strike plate at her business building at 21370 John Milless. Entry was made into the office building, but nothing was disturbed, missing, or vandalized. Requesting extra patrol.

Officers responded to an Assault at Taco Bell. An employee was reported being assaulted by a customer with a tire iron. Officers responding arrested an adult male and took into custody a tire iron. Suspect was booked for 5th Degree Assault at Rogers Police Department and later transported by North Paramedics to Maple Grove, as he started complaining of dizziness from an injury to the temple area of his forehead.

Friday, July 19 

Officer stopped vehicle for expired May 2013 registration. Edi Mussalam Alotaibi, 23, was cited for no Minnesota driver’s license, no motor vehicle insurance and expired registration.

An owner of property taken in a June 2013 burglary of a storage outbuilding came to the PD. His insurance company wanted him to provide a list of property taken from/damage to his Ranger boat during the related burglary. Officer spoke with the RP and the RP will be providing a document listing items/damages that was provided to his insurance company. Once received electronically, it will be attached to the case. He estimated approximately $3,700 in damage and $5,000 worth of stolen property.

Saturday, July 20

Resident in Heather Ridge Drive advising she heard gun shots, that woke her from her sleep. Area check was done, and additional noises were heard which were determined to be fireworks. Officer on the call observed younger adult males run into a nearby house in Rogers with fireworks odors, wrappers and evidence strewn about on the property. Contact was attempted, but the individuals involved refused to come to the door. Homeowner was called who said his son was probably drinking, with his friends, and were to blame. Said he had already confiscated fireworks from him earlier, which were ones that were observed in the fathers truck. Michael Petrick Waldner, 19, was cited.

Sunday, July 21

Three juvenile males trespassing on the railroad tracks and jumping off the bridge into the river. Attempted calls to all mothers of the juveniles to advise them of the incident and of the activities of their sons, but only contact with two of them. Advised of the potential trespassing penalties and consequences for their actions.

Physical domestic observed and called in by a citizen walking past a residence at Main Street and Rouillard. Parts of the incident were also observed by the involved party’s daughter. Male physically pushed his wife and she fell over. Wesley Rony Wilson, 47, was taken into custody and was booked into jail for domestic assault.

Golf balls thrown, hit, or sent in the direction of a moving vehicle at 141st Avenue, causing two of them to have reportedly hit the vehicle and cause damage. Golf balls were recovered from the area, which the occupants of the vehicle had already picked up. Area check was done, but nobody was seen running from the semi-open grassy area, along with no other evidence having been recovered.