Osseo School Board changes its schedule

Meetings hoped to be more efficient and convenient

In an attempt to function more efficiently, the Osseo School Board is now scheduling only one regular board meeting a month. It is also changing the time of its meetings to be more consistent and convenient.

“Annually … we review to make sure that all the meetings are necessary and that we’re doing it the way that’s most efficient,” Assistant Supt. Kim Riesgraf said. “We want to have effective meetings.”

Under the old schedule the board would typically have regular meetings on two Tuesdays a month at 8 p.m. When needed, work sessions and negotiation meetings usually ran 6 to 8 p.m. the same Tuesdays.

With that two-hour limit due to the regular meeting, Riesgraf said, the board sometimes found itself scheduling extra work sessions to complete its discussions.

Now the board will have regular meetings once a month, often the third Tuesday, and the meetings will start at 6 p.m. Work sessions will be scheduled earlier in the month, often on the first Tuesday, and will also begin at 6 p.m. Changes took effect this month.

“It makes (the time) uniform,” Riesgraf said.

Riesgraf hopes the uniform time will be easier to remember, and she hopes having board meetings earlier in the evening will be more convenient, both for board members and community members.

She also noted that many other districts schedule meetings similarly.

Regular board meetings will still be televised and available online. Tape recordings of work sessions will still be available on request.

The complete schedule for the 2013-14 fiscal year is available at district279.org.