Osseo council cites reason for removal of Mark Lynde as fire chief

At the Monday, July 22, Osseo City Council meeting, Mayor Duane Poppe read a statement regarding the reason Mark Lynde was removed as fire chief.

The statement said, “In April 2012 the Osseo City Council exercised its decision as an at-will employer to remove Mr. Lynde from the position of Fire Chief. The council action to remove Mr. Lynde was not based on any issues of performance, professional misconduct, or personal misconduct. Instead, the action expressed the will of the council to move the fire department in a different direction than the vision expressed by Mr. Lynde. In an at-will employment situation, either the employer or the employee can end the employment relationship at any time.”

The city has been dealing with pending litigation with Lynde for over a year.

The council has received reports during closed sessions, but has not taken any action during a council meeting.