Dog-gone dog is gone … and found, man arrested

RogPoliceA 28-year-old man was arrested for suspected theft of a pet dog Tuesday, July 9, in Rogers.

Rogers Police report that a community service officer responded to a dog that was left in a car at a business at 13375 Commerce Blvd. When the owner came out, a vehicle door was open and one of his two dogs were gone.

The missing dog, named Alo, is a pitbull/husky mix with one blue eye and one multicolored. The dog was wearing a black Harley Davidson collar, with a blue bone name and address tag with old address and number on it.

Officers were later dispatched to the area of Northdale Boulevard and 141st Avenue after a suspicious male entered a business nearby. The reporting party said a man left on foot with a dog which appeared to be stolen.

The suspect was later located with a dog at a business in the 21300 block of Rogers Drive. The dog matched the description of the stolen pet. The owner of the stolen dog did arrive on scene and confirmed it was his dog.

The value of the dog is $1,500. Dollars. David Patrick Delmore, 28, was arrested for possession of stolen property and was transported to Hennepin County Jail.