Champlin approves Ice Forum scoreboard replacement

Agrees to cable franchise renewal process  

The Champlin City Council approved purchasing a scoreboard replacement for the Ice Forum.

The council also approved the renewal process for the cable franchise agreement.



Councilor Eric Johnson said that while he realizes the capital improvement plan allotted $25,000 for Ice Forum scoreboard replacement, and the bid from the recommended company comes in under that amount, the other two bids did not seem to be options because the signs would not fit.

City administrator Bret Heitkamp said the signs offered by the other two companies would fit, but there would be modifications required to not impact the sight lines and advertising space.

Johnson requested additional specification information be included in future council packets.

Councilor Kara Terry said there’s lots of information about the sign size, but that repairs seem to be the issue with the existing scoreboard. She asked for additional information in regard to repair and maintenance for the proposed sign. Heitkamp said age is the cause of the frequent repairs and therefore a new sign should not have the same age related issues. He added that, unlike the current scoreboard, the new one won’t need to be taken down for repair.

Councilor Bruce Miller added that he has experience with the proposed vendor is that they provide a superior product, but agreed with Johnson that additional specification information could have been provided.

The council ended up unanimously approving the scoreboard purchase from Daktronics in the amount of $21,705.



In other matters, administrator Heitkamp began discussion of a resolution concerning the renewal proceedings under the Federal Cable Act for QCTV.

He said Champlin is part of a joint powers agreement with Anoka, Ramsey and Andover to provide local cable services, and that the request tonight is to renew the cable franchise agreement.

QCTV Executive Director Karen George said the negotiation process is a three-year process, and she reviewed the items that would be included in the process. Councilor Johnson said he is the city council’s appointed representative to the QCTV Commission, and that the group has been diligently working on the matter. Johnson was very optimistic about the organization’s future.

Councilor Miller questioned who would pay for the studies, and George said QCTV budgeted for the process and would fund the studies. Mayor Nelson asked what would occur if the survey results were not favorable towards Comcast, and George said that would be a negotiation point with Comcast.

The council then unanimously approved a resolution to commence the renewal proceedings.

In other action, the council:

HEARD a presentation from city engineer Todd Tuominen about the 2012 Annual Water Quality Report, which is available on the city website. Th ereport includes bill payment drop box locations, well locations, information about sanitary sewer backups, and tips for water conservation.