STMA: ‘High degree’ of confidence in Supt. Behle

Finalizes annual review


The St. Michael-Albertville approved a positive annual evaluation of Supt. Jim Behle.

Board chairperson Doug Birk read a statement regarding the evaluation and noted that the board had a closed meeting to finalize Behle’s review.

Birk said  The board is required to issue a public summary of the key policy considerations to emerge from the meeting.

“Due to data privacy considerations, however, we are unable to offer any employee information specifically subject to data privacy laws,” Birk read at the recent school board meeting. “The board followed its previously approved process for conducting an annual superintendent review. This process has been previously reviewed and approved by legal counsel and mutually agreed upon by the superintendent and the board.”

Birk said the review reflects a consensus opinion by the entire board, and conducts its review transparently and in concert with the superintendent attempting to share constructive feedback while reaching mutually agreeable objectives for the upcoming school year.

“In this process, each board member completes his or her own review and the superintendent complete his own self assessment,” Birk said.

The results of the review are as follows:

1. The board continues to retain a very high degree of confidence in the leadership of the district superintendent.

2. The board is particularly pleased with the overall financial condition of the district and supports the superintendent is accessing district spending priorities and resources allocation in consideration of a two- to five-year time frame with the recognition that the district may be facing more significant financial challenges in the years ahead absent a significant change in state policy.

3. The board remains strongly committed to addressing all potential safety concerns confronting the district and has worked with the superintendent in addressing any constituent concerns.

4. The board remains committed to the implementation of the district strategic plan in 2013-2014 school year. The board also commends the superintendent for a highly successful academic school year.

Birk concluded that the board and superintendent have agreed to a formal list of shared goals for 2013-2014. These objectives complement the district strategic plan. He said any questions regarding this review should be directed to the himself or the Superintendent.

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