Osseo Gun Club moves another step closer

Council also considers parking stripes along Central Avenue

The Osseo Gun Club project received final development agreement approval from the Osseo City Council Monday, July 8.

The council also continued talks on whether or not to stripe parking areas along Central Avenue.

Here are some of the meeting’s highlights.



The development agreement with CCJ Corporation for the Osseo Gun Club project was approved by the council by a 3 to 1 vote. Councilor Bonnie Heinen voted against and councilor Allan Hartkopf was absent. The Osseo Economic Development Authority (EDA) gave its approval of the final development agreement for the project at its meeting prior to the council meeting.

City Attorney Loren Magsam stated he had received notice from the attorney for the developer of the project of a change in language that no further study of the environment was needed.

In a related matter, the council approved 3 to 1 the sale of land to CCJ Corporation for the Osseo Gun Club. The site would be located on three lots, one owned by the EDA and two by the city. The EDA approved the sale of its lot to CCJ Corporation.

The council also approved 3 to 1 the execution copy of the development agreement and authorized the mayor and administrator to sign it and deliver it at the closing of sale of the property and authorized the mayor and administrator to execute and deliver all documents necessary for the sale and conveyance of the property to CCJ Corporation.




The council also continued talks about striping Central Avenue parking areas to make things more efficient. This matter was brought before the council back in April by a business owner. City Administrator Doug Reeder said staff had not been able to commit the time to review all the plans for the striping parking in the downtown area. He added an intern that was recently hired might be able to do the research.

“The reason I put it back on the agenda tonight was to see if you wanted to move ahead with the striping just on Central Avenue before you looked at the entire [area] or not,” Reeder added.

The proposed cost of striping parking along Central Avenue is estimated to be $500 for staff time and materials.

Councilor Mark Schulz said he was okay with going ahead with striping parking along Central Avenue and to move forward with researching the parking in the Central Business District and future striping.

Councilor Heinen asked if people would get tickets if they didn’t park within the stripes.

Reeder said if the middle of the car was over a stripe they might get a ticket for illegal parking. “We are not going to be going down and checking everybody’s bummer to make sure it isn’t over the line,” he said. “It would have to be a really terrible situation where a car would they are right in the middle.”

Councilor Rick Weber added he would like to see Central Avenue striped.

The council approved the striping of parking along Central Avenue.



In other action, the council:

APPROVED adopting a resolution declaring the cost to be assessed and ordering preparation of proposed assessment for the 2013 alley improvements. The proposed costs are estimated to be around $145,000, with 80 percent being assessed. The council also adopted a resolution for hearing on the proposed assessment for the 2013 alley improvements.

RECEIVED an update on the proposed dog park at the hockey ring near the former Osseo Elementary building. Staff talked with the Osseo Area School District and found there would be a significant increase in insurance liability if a dog park was added there. It was determined that a dog park would not be allowed at this location.