Hanover, athletic association to sketch potential new fields

The Hanover City Council continued to discuss collaborative efforts with the Hanover Athletic Association.

The council also heard that a new survey would be sent to Pheasant Run residents regarding a potential street and sewer project.



Discussed by the council and athletic association members was the 10-acre, city-owned property on the south side of Fifth Street just east of the fire hall.

The city and association are discussing how best to use that property, potentially for a new ball field and soccer field. The next step is to get some information from an engineer about specifications and what is needed, such as lot sizes and soil testing, and put together a sketch of what the association would like.

Parking is another area of need listed by the association.

The city had considered the property as a potential site for commercial/industrial development but backed away when it became apparent that significant soil corrections would be necessary.

“Because of the makeup of the property, it would be difficult for long-term development,”  city clerk/assistant administrator Annita Smythe later said. “The athletic association is looking for parking and more fields. Could they do something? The city council is willing to further discuss.”

She said the two would also consider a possible long-term lease.



In other news, the council discussed follow up about the proposed Pheasant Run improvement plan.

Pheasant Run is located in the northeast portion of the city. It is scheduled for regular street reconstruction, and the city surveyed the residents about whether they prefer to add sewer since the street would be torn up.

Only 20 percent of surveyed residents responded to the first inquiry, with most concerned about paying for sewer. The city wants a broader perspective of respondents, so will send out a new survey that separates the project to road construction or sewer construction.

Once the responses are received, the city will discuss what the next steps would be.
“We’re trying to get more details about what part of the project is an issue for people,” city clerk/assistant administrator Smythe said. “More information for the council to work on.”

In other action, the council:

HEARD from two solar energy representatives about a city hall and fire hall solar energy project. Such a project would entail up front costs and long-term energy savings. The council had many questions about potential costs and savings, and will reconsider the issue at another date.