Albertville council hears of 2 liquor violations

The Albertville City Council heard that two establishments failed liquor compliance checks.

The council also granted approval for free Community Showcase Program videos on the city website, and took action on other issues.



Staff informed the council that Wright County conducts liquor compliance checks within the city. The county conducted the checks last month and all but two establishments passed.

Hong Thai and Neighbor’s Eatery & Saloon failed the compliance checks. City administrator Adam Nafstad said that, in both cases, Hong Thai and Neighbor’s servers did properly ask for identification of the county’s youth buyers but failed to read the IDs correctly. The youths were not disguised and provided their Minnesota ID when asked for proof of age.

This is the first violation for both establishments. Per city ordinance, first violations have a $500 fine, second violations $1,000, third violations $1,500 and two day suspension of license, and four violation is a $2,000 fine plush suspension of not less than five days but no more than 69 days of revocation, as determined by the city council.

The liquor violation schedule serves as a guide to the council in dealing with liquor law violations. The council has authority to impose stricter fines or suspensions, seek criminal prosecution for the violations, or waive fines.

Staff said invoices were sent to Neighbor’s and Hong Thai, and that Hong Thai already submitted payment of the $500.



In other news, staff reported that CGI, Inc., contacted the city about a cost-free Community Showcase Program in partnership with the National League of Cities and the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

Administrator Nafstad said the program would produce two to three video clips for the city website featuring the city and focusing on an introduction, education, relocation or a specific clip desired by the city.

“As part of the program, Albertville will be required to enter into a three-year agreement allowing CGI to display the video clips and allowing them to notify community businesses of advertising opportunities they provide,” Nafstad wrote in his memo to the council.

The program is offered at no cost to the city.

In addition to the videos being offered on the city’s website, they will also be featured on, the largest relocation network in the nation.

The council authorized moving forward with the program.

In other action, the council:

AUTHORIZED the planning commission’s recommendation to approve an ordinance prohibiting the use of coal tar-based sealants in the construction or repair of parking lots, driveways and/or other paved areas within the city.

HEARD that Federated Co-Op on County Rd. 37 has applied to expand its operations, which would include bulk fuel service and another fertilizer storage facility. The application will require a planned unit development rezoning and platting of the property. The city planner is preparing a report for the July planning commission meeting.

ADOPTED a resolution regarding new Municipal State Aid system revisions. This is the program where the state contributes to designated city streets. Only cities with a population of 5,000 persons or more qualifies for MSA. The new method will be based on average daily traffic, rather than the current system generally based on roadway age.