MGPD reminds residents of social host ordinance

With summer time approaching, the Maple Grove Police Department would like to remind residents that we have a social host ordinance that prohibits persons under the age of 21 to possess or consume alcohol, even within a private residence.

This ordinance holds persons criminally responsible for hosting events or gatherings where persons under 21 years of age possess or consume alcohol regardless of whether the person hosting the event or gathering, supplied the alcohol.

A national study shows that 61 percent of underage drinking took place in someone else’s home, while 31 percent of underage drinking occurred in their own home. Sixty-five percent of underage drinkers get alcohol from adults such as their parents, guardians, family members, or unrelated adults. (

By sharing this information Maple Grove Police hope to raise the level of awareness of the ordinance in order to help prevent underage drinking. MGPD believes by working together the department and residents can create a community that is safer and healthier for youth.

For more information visit, click on City Ordinances, and review city ordinance 4-40 or contact Maple Grove Police Crime Prevention at 763-494-6134 or [email protected]