Rogers Police

RogPoliceBadgeThe following contains a sample of calls reported to Rogers Police from Monday, June 3, through Monday, June 10.

Monday, June 3

Agency assist for Maple Grove PD on their hit and run accident with a suspected drunk driver suspect vehicle listing to a home address out of the city but with a possible direction of travel through Rogers. Traffic observation points conducted by officers, but no luck on finding or seeing the suspect vehicle.

Vehicle stopped at Main Street and Church Avenue for non-working tail lights. Party said he was unaware of his tail light issue. Odor of marijuana, recent past contacts with occupants. Car was full of residue, ashes, emptied flavored cigars, and other items. Driver/owner consented to vehicle search. Marijuana one-hitter pipe with residue found in drivers cup he was drinking out of. Consent for trunk search was declined. Andrew Robert Bentz, 19, was cited for tail lights and possession of drug paraphernalia, before being followed home. Pipe will be entered into evidence for destruction.

Tuesday, June 4

Dispatch advised of two suspicious male’s at Holiday Gas Station. Officers made contact with the two subjects and determined they were buying some items and going to work. Officers determined that neither subject had a driver’s license, but drove to the store. Citation for No Minnesota Driver’s License issued to the Alex Martinez-Laynez, 23.

Officers were dispatched to Cabelas for a male shoplifter in custody. Responding to the call, Officers were advised the male party ran from the business. Male party was located a short time later and was arrested for gross misdemeanor theft and misdemeanor fleeing on foot. Gregory Neil Sall, 19, was transported to Hennepin County Jail.

Dispatch advised of a suspicious person going door-to-door in the Rouillard Boulevard neighborhood not making any sense.  Officers located the suspect and it was determined that he was a solicitor.  He advised he did not have a solicitation permit.  Officers advised him he needed to obtain one from Rogers City Hall during daytime business hours.

Wednesday, June 5

Business fire at 13251 George Weber Dr. Fire extinguished by personnel but still smoldering upon arrival. Business evacuated by police and fire. Rogers Fire extinguished smoldering embers.

Officer observed suspicious vehicles at 13600 Commerce Blvd. and determined numerous juveniles inside were in possession of spray paint and large quantities of toilet paper. Eight Juveniles were cited for curfew violations and released to parents.

Thursday, June 6

Officer stopped a vehicle at Marie Street and 141st Avenue and discovered the passenger was intoxicated and had marijuana and drug paraphernalia on him. Terrance John Dunleavy, 19, was cited for possession of marijuana a drug paraphernalia and released.

Officer received a call of suspected counterfeit currency at Holiday Station. Officers arrested two men for PC Narcotics and offering Counterfeit Money. The vehicle was seized and transported to the Rogers PD. Jesse James Comeaux, 29, and Thomas Matthew Lydon, 36, were booked in the Hennepin County Jail.

Officers responded to a Ford Explorer backed up next to a barn at 13020 Hawkins Dr. A neighbor believed it was suspicious and notified the barn owner. The barn owner responded to the location and ran towards the suspect vehicle while shining a light which caused the vehicle to leave just before police arrival.

Friday, June 7

Officers responded to parking lot of restaurant at 136th Avenue on an assault with one person down on the ground. Officers arrived and determined the male on the ground may have a head injury and was actually the suspect. The male down had been acting erratically and had tried to attack another male. Witnesses had taken the man to the ground to stop the assault. Alazar Tewodros Berhe, 27, was transported to North Memorial Hospital and is being mailed a citation for disorderly conduct. The victim did not know the suspect and did not have any injuries but his shirt was ripped in the struggle.

Officers responded to a shoplifting call in progress at 21615 South Diamond Lake Rd. On arrival two males were arrested for shoplifting. The third male was arrested for DWI. Jeffery Webster, 58, and Naamon Terence Nailon, 50, were booked at Hennepin County Jail.

Saturday, June 8

Officers received a report from the store management at 13028 Main St. about unwanted contact of a 18 year old female employee by a persistent male. The subject had left prior to arrival. Officers learned the male had been told by the employee to stop, by management to stop and had been asking about her schedule over the past two weeks. When he showed today, he attempted to contact her again. She was frightened because of the behavior. Omar Jafed Davila, 34, was located, identified and arrested for felony stalking. He was transported to Hennepin County jail.

Sunday, June 9

Off duty officer requesting an area check after coming home to a male and female party in his yard at 22548 Starlite Court. Homeowner advised that he later discovered that his wheelbarrow was moved/hidden in his bushes and that he believes that the two may have been hiding the wheelbarrow to steal it at a later time. Area check was completed by all officers, with no contact. Houses in the neighborhood were observed with toilet paper in the trees and items knocked over. May be juvenile related.