Osseo accepts 2012 audit

The 2012 City of Osseo Audit was accepted during the Monday, June 10, city council meeting.

The council also awarded a bid for pavers along a portion of Central Avenue and considered approving a seasonal worker for the Public Services Department.

Here are some of the meeting’s highlights.


2012 AUDIT

City Administrator Doug Reeder said the audit was completed on the city finances for year 2012. He added the audit was reviewed by the Budget and Finance Committee last week.

Michael Basil, auditor with KDV (Kern DeWenter Viere), said the city’s general fund activity. The original budget stayed the same throughout the year. Revenue were projected at $1.963 million and expenditures were projected at $1.502 million. “So, this year was a balanced budget,” Basil said.

He added the actual activities in revenues throughout the year were $2.037 million, mostly from tax revenue. The actual expenditures for 2012 were $1.391 million, which were less than anticipated. Basil said this was due to public safety and general government each coming in under budget for a total of $82,000.

“Overall, [these are] very positive results,” Basil said. “The city is sitting very well financially right now. It was a good year. Staff has done a lot of work getting things up, closing funds that haven’t had much activity. I think things are going and looking really well.”

Councilor Rick Weber said the Budget and Finance Committee put the budget together and the council approved the budget by going through it all. He added Reeder implemented the plan with help from staff.

The council then unanimously approved the 2012 audit.



The council also awarded a bid for pavers along a portion of Central Avenue in front the Realife Cooperative building.

Back in May the council discussed the installation of pavers in place of grass in front of Realife to match the existing pavers and make it easier for customers to exit their vehicles and save on the cost to replace sod annually. Staff estimated the cost for the project to be between $9,000 and $10,000.

Two quotes were received — $9,920 from AB Hardscape and $11,946 from Design Nature.

Reeder said the low amount was from a qualified company.

City Attorney Loren Magsam added, “The quotes, because of the amount of this contract, are not subject to the competitive bidding requirements of state law. So these are quotes and not bids.”

The project is anticipated to be completed by July 4.

The bid was awarded to AB Hardscape in the amount not exceed $9,920.



Also during the meeting, the council considered hiring a seasonal worker for the Public Services Department. The department is currently short one employee due to the resignation of Jim Nalezny.

To hire a new employee would mean that employee couldn’t start until August. Administrator Reeder suggested the council approve a seasonal worker that could immediately start on summer work, like grass cutting. The employee would work at rate of $10 per hour for the summer.

The council unanimously approved the authorization of the hiring of a seasonal worker in the Public Services Department for the remainder of the summer.



In other action, the council:

APPROVED the second reading and adoption of the ordinance relating to criminal history background checks.

ACCEPTED a payment amount of $3,000 for a server upgrade for 2013, payable from budgeted amounts through the Capitol Improvement Plan.

ADOPTED a resolution approving the plans and specifications and authorizing advertisement for bids for the 2013 alley improvements. These improvement bids would be for proposed costs for concrete along the alley between Third Avenue N.E. and Fourth Avenue N.E. from Fourth Street N.E. to 93rd Avenue N.

APPROVED the low bid quote of $45,985 from RCM Specialties for spray patching on city streets and alleys.