LETTER: Reacting to Peppin Report, Gov. Dayton

To the Editor:

I read the Peppin Report in the June 6th issue of the Osseo-Maple Grove Press and wasn’t surprised by the disappointing news of how the new state budget will hit all of us.

What did surprise me was the statement in the paper by Rep. Peppin indicating that “This type of budgeting is not what Minnesota taxpayers deserve.” Really? Who voted these people in? Someone besides Minnesotans?

Dayton is doing exactly what he said he would do and those who thought ‘the rich need to pay their fair share’ was such a great motto are about to find out that in his eyes we all need to pay.

People like me who did not vote for this growth of government and his ideology are the ones getting screwed. Thanks for nothing my fellow comrades.


Lisa Welton

Maple Grove