Hanover to work with athletic association on park planning

The Hanover City Council continued discussion about how to get electricity to the city’s main park, Settlers Park.

The council ultimately decided it would wait until fall to come up with a plan. The city and Hanover Athletic Association will work together to come up with an overall plan for Hanover parks.

The council heard an update about forming a city emergency management plan.



Public works supervisor Scott Vogel updated the council with a rough sketch plan on where to put electricity at Settlers Park. Currently, such as during the annual Hanover Harvest Festival, electrical generators supply power to the area.

Vogel recommended holding off on a plan until the city works on a long-term park plan with the athletic association.

At the recent council workshop, the council discussed some of these issues with two members of the Athletic Association, Tom Spier and Ryan Anderson. They talked about City staff forming a working relationship with the Athletic Association. An example discussed was the idea of eliminating the ice rink in Settlers Park because there are two ice rinks across the parking lot at the Athletic Association. The council said the City would be able to assist with the maintenance of the rinks by offering equipment and labor. Spier and Anderson agreed with the idea.

They also suggested discussion between the Athletic Association and the city about future ball fields. Council members said they look forward to the new

relationship beginning between the city and the Athletic Association. The council also agreed to meet with the Athletic Association at a work session to discuss how to utilize the 10-acre, city owned property behind the fire hall (proposed for a future city park) and how to involve the Athletic Association for their benefit and resources.




In other news, the council heard from city administrator Bob Derus regarding a city emergency management plan.

At the recent council workshop, Wright County Emergency Management Director Steve Berg presented a slide show with information related to emergency management and the resources available from Wright County.

He discussed the history of emergency management, specific resources Wright County has gained over the years, and the process of organizing and emergency management plan. Berg wanted to make it clear that if an emergency does happen in Hanover that there should be no hesitation to call him for help.

The council asked Berg multiple questions about what steps the City should take to be prepared. Berg explained a good strategy should be understood by Council members, staff, and the fire department. Fire Chief Malewicki said that in an emergency, the fire department will be reacting quickly to the situation. Malewicki said it is a good plan to have council and staff aware of how to communicate with one another.

The council directed staff to develop a quick reference sheet that includes emergency contact information and alternative meeting location if

city hall was not available.

At the council meeting, Derus updated the council that he drafted an emergency plan. No further action was taken on this issue.

In other action, the council:

HEARD an update about Hennepin County trail funding. The city is waiting to hear back from the Department of Natural Resources regarding a Legacy Grant. Both the Hennepin County Rd. 19 and Wright County Rd. 34 trail projects are moving forward.

HEARD from the planning commission about waiving interim use permits for keeping farm animals in residential areas. A resident with 35 acres, in a residential/agricultural district, wants to raise chickens and beef cattle and the commission thought it was not necessary to have a permit in the RA zone.