St. Michael to install LED trial lighting

The St. Michael City Council gave its authority for the city to install light-emitting diodes (LED) at some intersections.

The council also approved closing a road for an 8K race, and set the date for a joint meeting with the Otsego City Council.


The council was provided with information regarding switching some of the street lighting to LED bulbs as a test run to determine if it is cost-effective and provides adequate light at certain intersections throughout the city.

City administrator Steve Bot stated LED lights were considered a few years ago, but at that time the entire assembly would have had to be replaced, which was too cost-prohibitive. Current technology now only requires some minor rewiring and a new LED bulb. The intersections proposed as part of the trial include: Hwy. 241/Naber Avenue; Hwy. 241/Melby Avenue; and County Rd. 119/Birch Avenue. The cost for the new bulbs and wiring is about $3,500, with an estimated payback of five years through energy savings. After discussion, the council unanimously approved contracting with LightingHouseUSA, Inc., to install LED street lighting at the three intersections as discussed.


Lander Avenue 

Road Race

In other news, administrator Bot informed the council of a planned 8K race along Lander Avenue Aug. 3, as a fund-raiser for the St. Michael-Albertville athletic department.

The proposed route has been used for other race events and has worked well. Tony and Kelly Mallinger were present to answer questions from the council. They expect about 200 runners and are working with the Wright County Sheriff’s Office to help with closing Lander Avenue. The council unanimously moved approved closing Lander Avenue Aug. 3 for the Twi-Knight 8K.


Joint Meeting with Otsego

In further matters, the council discussed setting a joint meeting with Otsego and Albertville in June.

The main items on the agenda would include: RiverRider use, potential interchange projects, and other common/shared street or utility services.  There was brief discussion about the RiverRider, which the city participated in for a few years, but cancelled due to lack of use. Council members said it would be helpful to reevaluate whether it should be offered as a service for the area or not.  The council approved setting a joint meeting with Otsego and Albertville for June 24 at 8 p.m. at the Otsego City Hall.

In other action, the council:

HEARD from County Commissioner Mike Potter, who reminded the council of the upcoming 20-year Minnesota State Highway Investment Plan meeting in St. Cloud. Potter said progress is being made, and an expansion of I-94 is at least on the radar for future projects. The council discussed how federal dollars would be distributed if received for the project and administrator Bot provided updates on discussions with MnDOT about an expansion. The council thanked Potter for his efforts to gain support for an expansion of I-94.